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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The 2015 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup - by Ben Horner

     The High Times Cannabis Cup was a blast this year. For many cannabis consumers this event is like a dream come true. As High Times evolves into a premier event promotions company the quality of their productions get better each year. Thousands flocked to the Clio Speedway, just north of Flint, to partake in the festivities. People of all ages and ethnicities found common ground in this sanctuary for pot lovers.

     MMM Report wants to thank the people of High Times for inviting us to participate, and for providing our local magazine with press passes for the event.

     Congratulations to all the winners, most especially to those folks who keep their cups here in Michigan. We are pleased to report consistent compliments from
those attending from out of state that Michigan Growers are really stepping it up.

     Special thanks to Buddy and his staff from Clio Cultivation and the Brad Lemke, the members of Genesee County Norml with the friends from The Herbal Centre for hosting some most excellent pre and post parties and on sight camping.  

     The only complaint was regarding the lack of recognition of Adam Brooke and John Sinclair, two Michigan Boys that should be more involved as speakers at the Michigan High Times Cup. Hopefully next year. I can’t wait till next time.


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