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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Green Room Revisited - by Ted Itor

     The Green Room on Mack Avenue, in Detroit’s southeast side has two big reasons to celebrate. The first milestone comes in the form of a one year anniversary and the second is a big win at the Michigan High Times Cannabis Cup. The MMM Report is proud to feature this premier medical Marijuana dispensary in this month’s cover story.

    Upon arrival at the Green Room, it was obvious that the staff and store provisions were weathered from the High Times Michigan Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup. Seeing the first place cup on the counter next to all the jars of herbal goodness being replenished was impressive. For a Michigan Collective just turning 1 year old this is an amazing victory and true evidence that The Green Room has what it takes to be the best in southeastern Michigan.

     Notably, the folks from the Green Room were really humble about winning the most coveted award in the cannabis world. In the days after High Times, things where returning back to normal and the focus was back on treating their patients and caregivers with dedicated compassion. The quality, top shelf options leave one to speculate; how do they do it? The explanation provided was a tight connection with truly amazing growers and the marketing genius of the MMM Report.

     “Customer service and quality brings people,” explained the bud tender as he showed off the strains.
“I love my job and that really helps.”

     If you are in Metro Detroit and a connoisseur of fine herb, we highly recommend you visit the Green Room. Check out some of their amazing, award-winning strains.

The Green Room is located at: 
18495 Mack Ave. in Detroit. 

They are open every day from 10am-10pm.

Before you stop by, be sure to check out The Green Room’s ad on page 3 MMM Report Magazine for money saving coupons! More info and patient reviews of The Green Room can also be found on Leafly and Weedmaps.

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