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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MMM Report Feature Artist: Oh Brother Big Sister - by Hemptress Jolene

Hot on the festival scene this summer is “Oh Brother, Big Sister”.  There have been multiple times at the festivals this year that this festi-villian has been caught up in a moment and stopped to groove to these guys. A duo of siblings Penny and Radel Rosin, Oh Brother Big Sister create beautiful music with their natural talent and love they share for each other.  This group is a true tribute to sibling-ship and what a beautiful thing it can be when a talented family joins together to make music.  Their catchy covers and ingenious harmonies are great no matter how you hear them, but their energy together is something truly magical to see live. 

     Armed mainly with a guitar, their voices and a loop machine, this duo brings a big sound with them, everywhere they go.  It seems they are unafraid to cover any genre and have a great respect for all music.  I have seen them tactfully tackle a number of great songs from classics like “Hit the Road Jack” to today’s top ten, and it is great every time.  I have even caught myself singing to some pop song that I would have found annoying before they covered it.  That is the sign of great musicians!

     Hailing from a musical family and a small town somewhere in the mitten, the big sister, little brother pair just released an EP this summer called Thanks and Praises which featured five songs that will be on their up coming all original album set for release this fall.  One single off the album, “MIND” is already available for purchase on i-tunes. I know that this music connoisseur hopes that Santa will bring a new Oh Brother, Big Sister CD so that it can be shared with all the musical people I love in my life.

     One of the best things about Oh Brother, Big Sister, is that they are appropriate for every age, and every scene, they are truly musical chameleons and it can be seen in their schedule.  These siblinghave been everywhere in Michigan this summer from brewery’s all over the state to the Farmfest Kid’s Stage.  They will be shaking up Idaho with their cousins Barsie, another sibling band, in October, along with hitting Dear Bear Brewing in Grayling twice, and rocking out Union Street in Traverse City at the end of the month.  November will be full of visits to great musical venues for these two, so look for them at Rubbles in Mount Pleasant, City park Grill in Petoskey, or Studio Anatomy in Traverse City.  To learn more about them, check out their website:

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