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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

U.P. Provision Center Gives Back to the Community

DAGGETT, MICHIGAN: What kind of impact can a provisioning center do to a community? Well to the village of Daggett, MI (pop. 248),  which is listed as one of the 10 poorest communities in Michigan, (with an average income of just over $9,900 a year) Clover-Land has made quite a positive impact. Now instead of being a pass through eye-blink, Daggett has become a destination for hundreds of MMJ cardholders each month.

     “The village seems more alive and active” states one of Clover-Land’s neighbors. Originally worried at the onset, the neighbor now praises Clover-Land for their contributions to the community. Contributions made both monetarily and physically, through donations to the Daggett Volunteer Fire Dept including half their prize money from the 1st UPGC Cup, collecting and matching donations for the new youth T-Ball field fence, and even partnering on a new giant sized sandbox located in the local park have been a few of things that Clover-Land has accomplished since opening their doors in July 2014. And the reach extends outward from the village as Clover-Land provides MMJ cardholders from around the Upper Peninsula, lower Michigan, and qualifying visiting patients from around the U.S. a comfortable,friendly, safe, educated environment to access information, supplies/ accessories and quality medical strains.

     Kurt Johnson, owner/ operator, offers the thought that “every dollar brought into the village is like a thousand dollars to other locales. In a bigger city many wouldn’t really see, feel or notice the ways we are trying to give back, but here in our little corner of Yooper-tucky everybody sees everything and they realize we’re here to help.”  Kurt and a community of Clover-Land supporters look forward to within the next year of relighting the many decades dark Daggett Village Arrow, being the major sponsor of the 2016 Fourth of July celebration, and continuing support of the local Fire Department and other local charities.

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