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Thursday, November 5, 2015

The 10th MMM Conference in Review - by Ben Horner

This last installment of the our sponsored event, the 10th MMM Conference, was a success. Despite several challenges, we triumphed. The VIP party was off the chain, right on Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor. Attendees at the event expressed satisfaction, and some surprise hockey families showed us how far medical marijuana has come.

We need to give a huge thanks to Captain Kirk for teaching the cooking class as well as Jim from Organibliss, Mike from Cultivation Station, as well as all the other instructors. I personally taught a class on opening up dispensaries, and met so many beautiful people that want to get involved in the industry.

     On day one, I was in a panic because our location for the super secret VIP party canceled last minute. Fortunately Steve Boone, our newest star at the MMM Report, stepped up and secured a humble art gallery right in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor. As with all of our event competitions, portions of all entrees are made available for everyone that is invited to the VIP party. Only vendors and contest participants are invited.

     Harry from Peoples Choice, and the owners of Liv Well were the only Ann Arbor dispensaries involved this year. Multiple members of the Ann Arbor guild chose to boycott the event and MMM Report.  All this seems to be because a few members like Mark from OM of Medicine on Main St., and Jamie Lowell from Third Coast in Ypsilanti are butt hurt about a silly political cartoon we published several months back. Listen guys, can’t you take a joke?

     How would you like it if we told people to boycott OM of medicine and Third Coast?

     Anyway, thanks to all the vendors and people that attended. Our Next event is scheduled for Grand Rapid and the dates will be posted in the next issue. Congratulations to everyone that entered in the competition, even if you did not win a trophy. Finally, a special thanks goes to the guys at ACT Labs in Lansing that did all the testing for the event. This new testing company is hands down the most professional and compassionate lab in the state.

     At the hotel, dozens of families were staying in town for their kids’ travel hockey teams. Both the hotel and ourselves were concerned that the two groups might conflict. Thankfully, everyone got along and even some of the hockey parents paid to check the event out. The hotel was happy and so was I when they refunded my full deposit. The medicating tent outside really helped.

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