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Thursday, November 5, 2015

World News for November 2015 - by Rachel Bunting

Kiwi Cannabis Party Declares: Raw Cannabis is a Human Right
New Zealand: The Cannabis Party in New Zealand firmly believes that access to raw cannabis should be a human right for medical patients. Party leader Julian Crawford stated, “In the 23 states of the US where raw cannabis is legal for medical use, it has proven to be superior to isolated cannabinoid extracts. However, for non-pharmaceutical cannabis products to be considered in New Zealand, the patient would have to be on their death bed. This violates the Human Rights of thousands of people who are in pain or suffering daily but do not have a terminal illness.” The cannabis party’s policy would allow patients and caregivers to grow the medicine, and patients would be able to purchase it from medical dispensaries.

A Stench on the Streets of Dublin
As Garda Patrick Martin conducted his routine patrol down Aungier Street, he picked up a strange scent. Following his nose into an apartment building, the officer could hear the distinct sound of running fans. Gda Martin left and quickly returned with a warrant. He forced his way into the apartment and found 30 year old Sebastian Charyzynski sitting in his living room with 45 marijuana plants in a specialized tent next to him. The tent had a large air duct leading to open windows in the home, carrying the strong odor out to the street. In separate room Gda Martin found another 51 plants, which had an appropriate ventilation system.

     Charyzynski claimed that he had been using the drugs for medical problems which resulted from a car accident in 2010. The Judge presiding decided as there was no evidence of the drugs being prepared for distribution or a profit being made from drug dealing it would be unjust to put the man in jail. He instead sentenced Charyzynski to 4 years in prison which is suspended in full with strict conditions.

Making Medicine More Effective
Jamaica: Recently, the island country of Jamaica changed its laws and made cannabis a legally recognized therapeutic remedy as well as a legal focus of study. As a result of this change, Citiva Medical, a research company that specializes in safe and effective marijuana-based products, has established a partnership with the University of the West Indies (UWI). Their plan is to identify which combinations of cannabinoids are effective at treating specific diseases and symptoms. According to the founder and CEO of Citiva, Josh Stanley, they hope to begin to understand how and why cannabis is effective at treating various diseases. A local subsidiary, Citiva Jamaica LLC, has been created by Citiva with the sole purpose to focus on developing medical marijuana research and production markets in Jamaica.

     Stanley held an informational session over the summer; he introduced the expert research team and explained their goals. As part of the research, Civita has promised the Diabetes Association of Jamaica it will also focus on the medical benefits of cannabis in type 2 diabetes. It has also formed a partnership with the Jamaica Epilepsy Association and is seeking to provide cannabinoid treatment to every child suffering from the debilitating condition on the Island.

Medical Pot for Croatia
Croatia: The first Balkan country has legalized marijuana for medical use. Patients will be able to buy and use THC to treat serious illnesses in Croatia. The health ministry decided to proceed with the medical legalization process in January but doctors were unable to begin prescribing medicine, teas, and ointments containing THC until October 15th. Under the new law patients can receive up to .75 grams of THC per month. Currently Croatia does not manufacture any marijuana products so the health ministry will allow local companies to import medical cannabis products.

Helping Those with Debilitating Illnesses
Australia: According to VICE News, Health Minister Sussan Ley released a statement this month announcing that the parliament will begin debating a revised law. The revision is to a current law which provides for alternative treatment for people with debilitating illnesses. The announcement came shortly after the state of Victoria began to create the legal framework for medical marijuana, in which statewide sales will begin before 2017. Ley said, “This government is incredibly sympathetic to the suffering of those Australians with debilitating illnesses, and we want to enable access to the most effective medical treatments available.” Victoria will be the first Australian state to allow the manufacture and sale of products containing THC. While recreational use will remain illegal, access to medical marijuana will be available to children suffering from epilepsy.

Tunnel of Pot
One of the longest cross-border tunnels between the US and Mexico was discovered this month. The path, which was about 2,400ft long and 30ft deep, connected warehouses in San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico. Like many of the sophisticated tunnels near the border, it was lit, ventilated, and had a rail system.  Police set up a sting operation from both openings of the passage after an undercover agent for the US set up the smugglers by agreeing to provide them with drivers and use of a warehouse in exchange for money. The raid resulted in 22 people being arrested and 12tons of marijuana being seized.

Legal Vaping in the UK
The first legal vape pen is being sold to medical patients in the United Kingdom. While marijuana in its traditional form is illegal, the new MediPen e-cigarette is packed with cannabidiol, commonly called CBD, which is legal. The pen contains no THC, and therefore has no psychoactive effects. The oil contained in the vaporizer is made from high-grade Dutch CBD oil mixed with coconut oil. About 30 users have reviewed the MediPen, and nearly all gave it a five-star recommendation for treating their ailments, which range from irritable bowel syndrome and skin conditions, to fibromyalgia and depression. Since studies have been continuously showing CBD oil to have an extreme relaxing and healing effect, many patients are hailing it as the new miracle treatment.


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