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Monday, December 7, 2015

Grow Tip - by Ben Horner

The Dominator 2x XL by Lush Lighting. $1699.00
Flowering with LED vs. HPS

     Recent innovations in LED lights are prompting new research comparing more traditional lighting, such as high-pressure sodium and double-ended bulbs side by side with LEDs. In the past, most LED’s on the market failed to produce full spectrum light in significant enough strengths to produce the needed light to satisfy the needs of a mature cannabis plant in full flower.

     Smaller LEDs, ranging up to 300 watts, have been proven to be inefficient for plants that are flowering. They just don’t throw off enough light to produce good buds. However, lower wattage LEDs that have a spectrum for vegetative growth works well with clones and small plants. Some LED’s have different setting for flower and veg, but many don’t.

SPYDR 1200 LED lighting system from BML Horticulture. $2399.00
     More recently, LEDs that are 600 watts and higher are producing as much if not more light then standard HPS. The LEDs run 30-40 percent more energy efficient, and require much less cooling. The yields are very similar in potency and bud structure. Sounds like a no-brainer, everyone should be growing with LEDs - but wait here is the catch. They cost between $1700 and $2400. So depending what your utility is charging you for power, it could take almost a year before you see real savings from your high ticket cutting-edge LED lighting system, but research shows that these new designs will pay for themselves as they produce just as good buds as traditional lamps. If heat is a big issue these LEDs are definitely the way to go.

The NeoSol DS LED- 520 watt light from Illumitex. $2389.00

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