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Monday, December 7, 2015

Santa Says: "Got Meds is Definitely on the Nice List!" - by Ben Horner

     A warm, festive atmosphere gives patients and caregivers a place to feel comfortable and enjoy some fellowship, and consume cannabis without feeling like second-class citizens. Got Meds is a one of a kind in Lansing. Nowhere else can you experience a fully equipped lounge, play pool, and smoke down with your homies. Cypress Hill would be proud of the sticky-icky Christmas tree, but for real, these guys have serious heart. Gathering Toys for Tots for the Salvation Army shows that they care about more then just smoking major chronic.

     “I got 5 on it,” has new meaning. With $5 grams everyone can get down. Bring an unwrapped new toy that is worth at least $10 and get a free gram.  Turn in is December 20th,  so get yours by paying it forward. It’s the gift that keeps giving.  So show some holiday cheer. Come in out of the cold and hang out with the coolest cats in Lansing. Get certified at the clinic right around the corner.

     With $5 grams, people from all over the state are mobbing down to Got Meds. Personally, I love supporting such a great place that gives back to their community. Dab sessions in full affect. It’s worth the drive. Bring your girl, put up your feet on the comfy couches, and kick it with a blunt of dankness.

     Haters want to hate, but at Got Meds’ love and compassion kills it. Turn up and show up at Got Meds, because Ben Horner says so! 


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