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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 2016 V.G.I.P. Update - by Ben Horner

Michigan on the Verge: Factors that most impact weather we Win or Lose:

 “E tu Brute?”

     In northern Michigan, multiple accounts of cannabis businesses filing complaints, acting as confidential informants and willing witnesses for the prosecution has led to raids, and arrests. This method of smash and grab raids initiated by snitches in our own community needs to stop if we are going to survive and prosper in this medical marijuana industry.

     Mark Dragovich, owner of the Farmacy in Fife Lake, a medical marijuana dispensary, was listed as a witness against Ken Murray for the prosecution after being raided by the Traverse Narcotics Team. Why would Mark Dragovich, a dispensary owner, speak against another dispensary owner?

     Adam DeVaney and Misty Cassel of Chronic Certification in Traverse filed a complaint against MOS Certifications during our Medical Marijuana Conference in Traverse City. Why would one certification clinic snitch on another?

     Arnold “Butch” Czarnecki owner of Heads-Up Smoke Shop, acted as a confidential informant. During Al Witt’s jury trial last month he testified to using his Medical Marijuana Card to make controlled buys for SANE, a northern Michigan drug task force. Arnold, who owns a store in Pellston, that sells paraphernalia and other headshop products, was raided at his home. “Jars” of marijuana were found. Czarnecki was a former police officer that worked in the Detroit area for 20 years before moving up north to sell glass pipes and bath salts.

Abrogate Prohibition Michigan Makes Traction as the Petition is Circulated Around the State:

     The first petitions went out last month and are starting to return in the mail. It is amazing to see a real grassroots effort to end the prohibition. On Thursday, the 11th of February the validation of petitions will start. Tim Locke, the secretary/campaign director, has asked everyone to mail in what they have or reach out through the website to have a local leader pick them up. The message is getting out there and as the weather improves their will be many opportunities to work on large events and door to door signature collection.

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