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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Take On a Few Things... by Adam Brook

     Of course, as I sit down to write this I am torn about which direction I want to go. There has been some major drama in The Mitten. Normally I would be naming names and calling people out. I leave that for others on social media these days. Here I want you, my reader, to expand your mind and see things for what they here’s MY take on a few things....

FLINT WATER: It took TWO years to get the media behind this. The people were told their nasty colored water coming from the polluted Flint River was safe....The good Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha deserves a NOBEL prize for her actions. This woman saved a generation of human would be an honor to meet her one day.... as to who gets punished, please remember I was sent to prison for TWO years and NO ONE (other than the goon who cut his head open while raiding my home, sorry dude....If I was there I would have told you to be careful the latch was broken) was a victim in my crime. There are victims here, and not just those who are now possibly damaged for life......what about the cost to the community, the health system, the school system......ect.

HOW TO KILL A BRAND: Do stupid shit on social media, where your brand lives...


THE CITY OF DETROIT AND IT’S NEW DISPENSARY ORDINANCE: What are you afraid of? Don’t you see the future? You need to embrace this frontier as you did the tech frontier (which filled some suites in your empty buildings) in Downtown. I can remember when the night clubs started to take empty spots in the financial district downtown and the troubles they caused, but they were not shut down. Why would you want 100+ buildings that are good neighbors and help to keep the neighborhood clean, closed? Because of the behavior of a few? What if the good pastors were held accountable for the behavior of a few bad ones? I watched the pastors get up and HATE on a community they don’t know or understand......sad, but that’s the society in which we live allows this to happen....FEAR NOT Detroit, there are blind pigs in the city, always have been, and there will be dispensaries.........personally I would think you would want to tax and license as many as you could......

WEIGHTS AND MEASURES: Does your dispo calibrate its scales everyday? How would you know? If you are a dispo that does, text me at (313)999-0329 and I will publish you name. How many of you reweigh your purchase before consuming? Ever been short? What do you do? As a dispo, do you ever check the weight on the prepackaged drops you receive? The math can be scary if you look at it....

     We are still in the wild west when it comes to weights and measures in the weed game......Remember the Wild West was won when the GOOD guys shot back!

     I would like to congratulate Mark H. for being the first person to text in the correct answer to last month’s trivia question: How many joint does Elvy Musikka get in the mail each month? ANSWER: 300

This months trivia question: What sentence did Robocop get? Text your answer to 313-999-0329.

Questions, Comments or Complaints hit me up............

     S/O to the folks who have come to my Periscope broadcasts..... MMM Report folks: make sure you drop MMMReport in the comments....I’ll send a prize to the first 10 people who do.......


Adam L. Brook

Periscope: Adam L Brook

IG: adamlbrook

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Twitter: @mrhashbash

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