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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tribute Detroit: Adding Class to the Cannabis Industry - by Ben Horner

     Walking into the brand new Tribute dispensary in Detroit is unlike any medical marijuana place I have seen. The walls are ordained with grand murals, depicting famous landmarks and people of Detroit. The impressive artwork gives you the feel that one is inside a historical museum, capturing some of the best iconic images of the times. Each wall depicts something different, and you can easily get lost in the visual display.

     If that doesn’t blow you away, the warm professional staff will. Service is important to many people, but too many dispensaries in Detroit fail to treat you, the patient or caregiver, as a valued human being. These folks actually know about their products and how to help you treat your condition.

     If the atmosphere wasn’t enough to satisfy, the extremely high quality selection will take your breath away. Tribute has a large variety of flowers, edibles and concentrates to treat almost any condition. It’s like a farmers market, without the smoke and aggressive vendors. Open spaces are loaded with displays of products giving you lots to peruse.

     Located conveniently on Woodward with secured parking in the back, Tribute is minutes from I-75. I really appreciated being able to park discreetly in the back and being able to come in through the rear entrance, which makes you feel much safer and low profile. Tribute is the must check out spot in Detroit for 2016.

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