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Monday, March 7, 2016

Grow Tip: Making a Ladybug House - by Ben Horner

     As springtime comes pests like mites can get into the best contained grow rooms. Almost all experienced growers have encountered this from time to time. The key to not getting an outbreak of insect pests that likes to destroy crops. Organic botanical sprays and Neme Oil can be used on plants in the vegetative stage of growth to repel pests. However, just like when you use mosquito spray in the summer and still get bitten, the same goes for plants. Ladybugs are also a great preventative option. Ladybugs can eat up to 50 mites a day and are all-natural.

    Unfortunately, ladybugs often die quickly in a grow room. To solve this problem, you can build a ladybug home that will protect your little red and black friends and give them a place to get it on and make babies.

To do this you will need:

1 Propagation tray
1 Transparent Plastic Dome
1 Thick Organic Sponge (water source)
Some Raisins

     Construction is easy. Simply pop off the adjustable vent flaps on the top of the plastic dome. Soak the sponge in filtered water, which will be the water source. Place the moist sponge in the propagation tray and sprinkle some raisins around it. Quickly open the ladybug container, place into the tray and cover with the dome. Try not to let too many ladybugs escape. You want them to get used to there home, eat some raisins and start humping before they venture out into the grow room.

     Ladybugs have four stages of life; egg, larva, pupa and adult.  If you are lucky, you will only have to buy ladybugs once, and spend less time dealing with unwanted pests.


  1. Using bugs to control bugs is about as effective as washing your dishes with dog shit. Ladybugs will not eliminate an entire spider mite population. They will actually farm them. They will eat some of the mites and let others go and reproduce. This insures that the food supply will never run out. Also, if you are growing medical grade marijuana, you don't want any kind of bug residue. ladybugs crap on the plants, too. If you entered medicine covered in ladybug crap in any local cannabis cup, it would be disqualified. Ben Horner should know this better than anyone.

  2. I read that you can dry Canna Sp. leaves (tropical plant) and burn them in your greenhouse to help control mites.. They don't like the smoke.. I know how bad mites can get.. When I read this, I made a mental note.. I like to be organic..