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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Grow Tip - by Ben Horner

Outdoor Tips w/Dj Short

     While attending a seminar in Gaylord, put together by Michael Thule, Grannies for Grass and OrganiBliss, we had the pleasure of listening to one of Michigan’s most famous growers. Winner of Cannabis Cup Hightimes in Amsterdam, DJ Short has become a legend.

     During his seminar, he discussed many subjects but one that I really thought was interesting was the use of hop-houses for outdoor cultivation. He explained how many growers are using light deprivation, to force budding on plants early. By using thick tarps and other light shielding fabrics, hop houses can be covered every day in the evening and uncovered in the late morning thus creating a twelve hour light cycle.

     “By bringing plants into final weeks of budding in July and August when the sun is at the summer peak of brightness, we can produce buds that are at their climax of quality.”

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  1. I recently converted my above ground pool into a hoop house and have never grown finer product as I am now. The light deprivation sounds like a good route for me, bringing my flowers to fruition early is a great idea. Thanks for the tip Ben. Juztbudz