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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cannibals of Freedom: The Need for a Cure - by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

     Last month I wrote about the issues of medical marijuana and children in divorce.  As I stated then, I will continue with this focus, although this month’s article will cover the broader topic of medical marijuana for both children and adults.

     The American Medical Association, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and the American Academy of Pediatrics all blow the same horn.  They do not recommend the use of cannabis even though they have recognized that the use of cannabinoids has a potential as a therapy for numerous medical conditions.  At the same time, the American Medical Association has been calling for the Feds to move it out of Schedule I to facilitate research, citing their reluctance to recommend the use of cannabis is due to the failure of the Federal government to allow significant clinical testing.

     Still, there has been a large amount of research to determine whether or not cannabis is an effective treatment for various medical conditions.  According to an article entitled, “The pharmacologic and clinical effects of medical cannabis”, in Pharmacotherapy in 2013, the typical adverse effects of medical cannabis use are not serious.  Indeed, it was noted in 2012 that the ability to drive a vehicle or operate machinery only “may” be impaired until a tolerance to the use of cannabis is developed.  See “The therapeutic potential of cannabis and cannabinoids”, in Deutsches Arzteblatt international.  Further, a review focused on neuroimaging studies found little evidence to support an effect of cannabis use on brain structure function.  See Neuroimaging in cannabis use: a systematic review of the literature”, in Psychol Med, 2010.

     Here is a short list of medical conditions where initial research has shown some effect to either cure or alleviate symptoms:  Cancer, Diabetes Type I, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis.  It has also been found viable to treat PTSD, chronic pain, and inflammatory diseases and conditions.  It has also been noted that the safest and most effective way to administer cannabis is by eating or ingesting the oils.

     Many of the above diseases and conditions are suffered by children.  But once again, government actors stand in the way of your freedoms.  These government actors stand in the way of the freedom to scientifically investigate and test a natural substance that has been used as a medicine since at least the year 2737 BCE.

     The question is, why do government actors stand in the way of everyday people exercising the freedom to determine their own lives?  Primarily because a person seeks to become an elected government actor for the basic reason that they wish to use force against others to fulfill their own desires.  It’s really that simple.  Whether a person desires to build roads, parks, or even regulate the use of marijuana, the basic thing is that they want to force others to satisfy their desires.  The irrational bigotry against the freedom to use marijuana is just one more symptom of this diseased state of mind which I will call, “Parasitic Anthropophagy Syndrome”, or PASY for short.  These government actors are not only living as parasites and eating away at our freedom, our property and our lives, they are forcing people and their children to live in pain, and in some cases even die.  Worse, in their diseased state of mind they actually expect us to thank them for allowing them to feast on the flesh of our freedom. 

     Sadly, the irrational desire to use force to deny others the right to self-determination is present in many persons even in the medical marijuana community.  These persons seek the same parasitic existence as those outside the community.  They advocate the regulation of marijuana, in order to better control you!  And, in the words of Lord Action, a British philosopher, “That one part of the community should govern the whole, or that one class should make laws for another…is…tyranny”.  So, those who seek to control you by advocating for the regulation of marijuana use is the same as those who seek to take your freedom in other activities, they simply seek to control you.  Ironically, these government actors are eating away at the flesh of their own freedom at the same time they are consuming yours.

     In the end, a vote for regulations on marijuana is a vote for those afflicted with PASY.  And, a vote for those afflicted with PASY, is a vote for continuing the feasting on the flesh of your freedom.  Freedom is not free.  One must think, speak, and act to defend one’s freedom.  But the denial of your freedom takes no action on your part, you need only keep silent and do nothing. 

Till next month, keep rolling on.

Disclaimer:  This is an informational article only.  It is not to provide individual legal advice.  If you need legal services, feel free to contact me, or any attorney of your choosing.

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