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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Green Room Becomes Greener Crossing - By Ben Horner

When Green Room moved from Mack Avenue over to 8 Mile, they renamed the dispensary The Greener CrossingThe Greener Crossing logo incorporates the traditional green cross, which we all know represents Medical Marijuana in America, with a railroad crossing sign. The dispensary is described by the proprietors as being “the ultimate five and dime cannabis store", with most grams ranging from five to ten dollars per gram.

Most Detroiters are familiar with the 8 Mile Crossing landmark on East 8 Mile and Hoover. The railroad tracks that cross 8 Mile has always been a traffic congestion point for drivers traveling on East or West. The Greener Crossing puts a positive spin on that idea.

Co-Owner Nathan served in the Marine Corps in over twenty countries, so veterans of the Armed Forces are a big priority to the Greener Crossing. He helped found Grow for Vets, a not for profit group that helps indigent solders get access to medical marijuana as an alternative to prescription medication. More information for Grow For Vets can be found at:

Just because the Greener Crossing is known for its $5 and $10 grams doesn’t mean these guys are slipping on quality of meds. The Purple Thin Mint Cookies by Mr. Top Shelf took first place at High Times this June. High quality combined with excellent service and confident security makes The Greener Crossing a must stop for people coming to Detroit. If you look at their ad in the magazine, you can see some of the featured strains.


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