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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Fenton Hydro Family Moves to a Bigger House - by Ben Horner

     After Five years of serving loyal growers in Fenton, Michigan, Fenton Hydroponics is moving to a bigger location on Leroy Street two miles from their original location. Owner of Fenton Hydro, Brian Hass (AKA “Big Haas”) and I met on a road trip to Gaylord with none other the Red Wings Legend, Darren McCarty. That day I had the chance to try some of Big Haas’ primo meds with Darren and learn how they became close. Darren came up to the store to support the Fenton Hydro family and reminisce.

     Detroit-based internet cannabis show, Motor City High hosted by Damien DiStefano was the first to introduce Darren to Big Haas and myself. Darren, new to the medical cannabis world, was eager to have a supportive group of friends to learn and share with. Readers can watch the videos on You Tube and see these guys on the screen. McCarty made a major lifestyle change when he became a MMJ patient, and people like Damien and Big Haas became part of his new circle of friends. When Darren heard that the Fenton Hydro family was moving he insisted on being there for the grand opening.

     Recently, I met Chris George, the store manager, Mike and PJ, Brian and his lovely wife Cassandra, who make up the core of the Fenton Hydro family, at the new location.   “Yes, this location is much bigger,” Big Haas explained with a sigh. “But it’s not just that. The old store is in a strip that has some other businesses that preferred we move out. I guess we just didn’t fit in there.” Anyone involved in the MMJ world knows how judgmental some people can be. Sometimes we may lose some close-minded friends and family but we gain new ones, and sometimes we must seek out new neighbors that a more tolerant. This is just how things go.

     The Grand opening will be on October 22nd at the new location on Leroy. Big Haas, Darren and the rest of the Fenton Hydroponics team are inviting everyone to come and celebrate their move. Breakfast will be served at 10am and early bird 30% percent off all items will run till noon, afterwards everything is 25% off.  Live remote broadcast by 103.5 the Fox radio; Raffle and giveaways, free food and dozens of vendors will make for an eventful day. Representatives from Advanced Nutrients, Techno Floral, Heavy 16, Emerald Harvest, RX Green Solutions, Sun Supply and many more will be on-site to teach everyone about their cutting edge products.

     The new store will also be providing MMJ doctor certifications, head shop, classes, as well as all the products you might need. The MMM report will be at the Grand Opening party taking pictures of all the friends and family of Fenton Hydro, new and old. Come out and meet Darren McCarty. 

     “To me I’m not about politics I’m about people and Brian Haas and Fenton Hydroponics are my people. Not only has Brian helped educate me on this wonderful PLANT but has helped me get pain and sleep under control. Bottom line is Brian is family and without him and others in this great medical marijuana community I wouldn’t be alcohol and pill free and healthier mentally and physically than I’ve ever been. I encourage everyone to find his or her Big Haas. Hell, borrow mine if you need him. He’s always there to help.”
-Darren McCarty

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