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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The 13th MMM Conference - by Ericca Muhammad

The 13th Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference was surely an event to remember. Patients, Caregivers, and members of the Cannabis industry from throughout the State of Michigan came together for an event that was both informative and inspirational. 

On Day One, attendees were able to attend free grow classes that took place on the main stage. Big shoutout to Captain Kirk Reid, who also served as Master of Ceremonies for the event, for taking his time to teach a class on the art of cooking with Cannabis.  He had some amazing advice for those who aspire to make edibles that are just as delicious as his long list of medicated treats. 

Jim Kostrava of Organibliss also taught a class on Preventative Maintenance.  He gave attendees helpful advice on how to keep their plants healthy throughout the growth cycle. He did an amazing job introducing his product to growers who weren’t familiar with the brand and he even introduced new complimentary products such as Super Soil, an enhanced soil that can be used along side Organibliss to help ensure that your crops never go to waste.

Another highlight of the Conference was the introduction of the new kid on the block. Travis Larsen has a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology and shared very interesting information on the History of Rastafari. Travis debunked a lot of myths that are associated with the culture and introduced the audience to Rastafarian reading material, cultural icons, symbols and music. His lecture was truly enjoyable and his great personality only added to the experience.

The Legalization Panel, led by Debra Young, was another part of the Conference that attendees found to be very informative and useful. It was nice to see people who share the same beliefs and who are dedicated to the legalization of Marijuana come together, share ideas, connect with activists and get a little information on the state of legalization in Michigan. 

I was also very moved by the members of the Raid Victim panel because they weren’t afraid to be emotionally naked in front of the audience. Jennifer Cook, Peter O’Toole, Al Witt and Chad from Cloud 45 were all there to share their stories, vent their frustrations, and offer some helpful advice to the audience.  

And as always, the Legal Panel, which included MMM Report’s own Ben Horner,  Attorney Bruce Leach,  Accountant Paul Samways, and Attorney David Rudoi. As always, the legal panel provided useful information to the audience and addressed their questions and concerns about the new laws that have been set in place concerning Medical Marijuana. 

The Michigan and Cannabis Business Seminar made a triumphant return. Our host, Ben Horner offered expert advice to all of the patients and caregivers who are interested in one day starting up their own dispensary. During the presentation, attendees were introduced to new house bills and given step-by-step instructions on how to start and successfully maintain their
own business.

The Grand Rapids Green Cup concluded our 13th Conference. We had over 100 entries. Categories included: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Concentrate, Medible. The winners are listed in the Bud Report. Thank you to all who submitted their strains. We’ll see you at the next cup!

I can’t forget to thank all of the vendors who participated and made our 13th MMM Conference a success. Thank you all for helping us put smiles on the faces of all of the patients and caregivers who were in attendance.

Another big shout out goes to John Sinclair! Thank you for always coming out and showing us love at our events. We definitely enjoyed having you there. 

Last but certainly not least, thank you to all of the patients and caregivers who came out to the event. Please continue to support the MMM Report, keep fighting the good fight and feel free to join us at all of our future conferences.

Peace and Blessings,

- Ericca

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