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Thursday, August 31, 2017

V.G.I.P. Update for September 2017 - by Ben Horner

Don Koshmider: A Cannabis Hero

Don Koshmider was sentenced in Wexford County, for selling medical marijuana at Cadillac Provisions, a medical Marijuana Dispensary. His sentencing was 13 to 180 months (1-15 years). 

Don had a criminal history that included prison time, which made him a repeat offender; repeat offenders receive longer prison time based on the Michigan sentencing guidelines. 

Don is a true hero, and he chose to put himself in harm's way. Don has entered into the Michigan Hall of POW, such as Adam Brooke, Ryan Basore, John Sinclair and many others. Don was an outspoken advocated that dared the law and drew attention to many things that we needed to know. In regards to the newly appointed board member Baley, and the mindset of the MSP.  Don will always be remembered for his valiant effort. His conviction is a prime example of why cannabis must be legalized. 

Don Baley, then a sergeant for the MSP, was involved in the original investigation that led to Mr. Koshmider's arrest and conviction.  Using a criminal informant that was cooperating in return for leniency for selling heroin, the task force was able to make a “controlled buy” from Koshmider. Although the informant was a patient, Don failed to document the needed information to use a medical marijuana defense in court. Don fought the charges, believing he was in the true spirit of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. 

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