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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

WORLD NEWS for August 2017 - by Joe Dauphinais

Mouse Memories: Better With Cannabis
GERMANY: Researchers at the University of Bonn discovered that a minute dose of cannabis every day may reduce memory failure due to ageing. After 28 days of cannabis treatment, evidence indicates that older mice were able to regain the brain functions of younger mice. The study also found that older mice who hadn't received the cannabis treatment showing signs similar to dementia. The scientists said they are now planning a similar study on humans later this year.

Uruguay Introduces Legal Sales
Cannabis users in Uruguay can now register with the government to allow them to purchase the herb. Uruguay is the first country in the world to legalize. Using registered fingerprint recognition, people will have two strains to choose from, 'Alfa 1' and 'Beta 1' however, both kinds are quite low in THC. The idea is that legal sales will cut down on crime, yet with stronger weed available on the black market, users may end up opting for the more potent choice.

Restless Legs? Try Cannabis
BORDEAUX, FRANCE: A series of case reports published by the journal Sleep Medicine have shown marijuana to be effective in treating restless leg syndrome (RLS). Patients who suffer from RLS showed immediate relief after inhaling cannabis. Although the case study only focused on six patients, these results could be good news for the 15% of Americans who suffer from RLS.

You Load 16 Tons, What Do You Get?
TIRANA, Albania: Nine people were taken into custody after a raid on the village of Llakatund, near the Capital. Sixteen and a half tons of marijuana were ceased from three locations. Police also recovered 270 plants, four AK-47s, hashish, and paraphernalia. Given Albania's recent crackdown on drugs, it is likely that the nine who were arrested will be made examples of.

Half Ton of Hash
SAUDI ARABIA: Nineteen smugglers were recently arrested trying to get more than a half ton of hash, and over 63,000 Captagon pills, AKA the 'Jihad Pill' across the border from Yemen. A spokesman for the Border Guards said the Border Guards will stand firmly in the face of all smuggling attempts. He also stated that the smugglers wanted to "...spread these toxins among the children of our country."

Kiwis Divided About Legalization
A recent poll indicates a nation divided when asked the question concerning legalization of cannabis. 47% of voters were in support of changing the law, and 41% want to keep it illegal. 12% were unsure. Support for legalizing was high among Maori and Green Party supporters. National Party supporters aged 55 and over were more likely to be against legal pot.

Police Sergeant Busted With a Truckload of Ganja
JAMAICA: Three men, one of which was a uniformed police Sergeant, were recently apprehended in Green Island, Hanover. The Narcotics Division were conducting an investigation in the area when a Toyota truck with the three men and a Nissan were observed parked on the side of the road. The driver of the Nissan opened fire and escaped on foot. The other 3 were arrested and a search quickly revealed 2,000 pounds of compressed ganja.

Oracle Bogarts the World's Best Hash
HIMALAYAS: The village of Malana, known for its quality hash, has been a top tourist destination among stoners for decades, until now. An oracle who spoke to their god, Jamlu, says the tourists have to go before the villagers lose their culture. Jamlu told the shaman he did not want any of the villagers to rent out their property for running guest houses and restaurants…those violating his orders will have to bear the brunt of his curse.

     Almost 600 acres of land are growing cannabis near Malana, yielding a staggering 26,000 pounds of hash last year alone. The village is now off-limits to outsiders.

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