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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

World News for October 2017 - by Joe Dauphinais

Cannabis Growers to Recieve Government Support
Israel: The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is now considering marijuana cultivation as a farming sector, which will provide government support, grants, water quotas, and training. The last industry to be classified under the farming sector was ten years ago, when the horse sector was recognized.

     The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is leaning toward the idea that the stance on medical cannabis should be changed. In a recent statement, the Ministry said, "The use of cannabis for medical purposes is still illegal in most of the world's countries, and an increasing number of studies are confirming the positive effects of cannabis, while showing its risks and damage.

     The Ministry also recently funded 13 biochemical studies for improving medical cannabis growing. The studies enable the development of a research structure for the next generation of medical cannabis products.


Cannabis Related Law Enforcement
Canada: Canadian officials are looking to spend at least $274 Million to train officers in Cannabis related law enforcement. This will mean that officers will be taught how to spot impaired drivers who may be under the influence of marijuana, how to use drug screening devices, and more. In addition, officers will be trained on policies and regulations that will be in effect when marijuana legalizes nationally. Government officials also seek to raise public awareness on driving under the influence of marijuana, as it is a huge public safety concern. Furthermore, funding will contribute to developing policy, ensuring organized crime does not infiltrate the legalized system, and to keeping cannabis from crossing Canadian borders.


Canada to Eradicate Current MJ Industry
CANADA: Next year when the promised plan to legalize cannabis goes into effect, most of the existing businesses in the industry will be shut down in lieu of government sanctioned businesses. In Ontario, 150 government-run dispensaries will open after July 2018.

     There are already businesses selling cannabis to adults, although illegal, there are dozens to choose from in Toronto alone. The dispensaries do get raided once in a while, although in Canada it is a minor setback as they often open up shop after only a few days.

     Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plan will edge out all of the current dispensaries and cafes by threatening severe penalties for the outlaw businesses. The current lenient penalties will be replaced with harsher laws, and may even include prison time for offenders, creating a government monopoly on the industry.


British Family Move to Netherlands for Cannabis Treatment
ENGLAND: Alfie Dingley suffers from a rare form of epilepsy and has been hospitalized numerous times to treat the violent seizures. His parents, Hannah Deacon and Drew Dingley believe that cannabis oil could help, yet they could face jail for up to 14 years if they gave Alfie the oil.

     Alfie is five years old and is one of only five boys who have been diagnosed with this form of epilepsy. He was diagnosed at eight months old and has spent four years in a hospital. Hannah said "Alfie is deeply affected by the drugs that he is given." saying the drugs are "toxic and cause him to be very aggressive."

     Hannah went on to say, "We have done a lot of research into whole plant medical cannabis and have found many parents around the world who are using it effectively to either reduce or stop very aggressive seizures." and "We now have to raise enough money to take Alfie abroad so we can try this life saving medicine with him, in the hope that it gives him the chance of a normal and happy life."

     The couple will soon be moving to Den Haag in the Netherlands in order to legally obtain cannabis. Hannah said "It’s been a very traumatic couple of years for us as a family, but we are willing to do absolutely anything it takes for him to be well."


Police Find Ganja Near Chicken Coop
Cayman Islands: Officers for the Royal Cayman Island Police Service say they found some ganja near a chicken coop during routine foot patrols. Police noted that they saw a suspicious male in the area. When the man saw the officers, he ran away, escaping police through the bushes. The area was searched, and officers found a bucket containing jars filled with ganja, while more herbs were stashed in a bag with other paraphernalia. In total, about 3 pounds of ganja were confiscated.


Worshipping Ganja
Bhapur, INDIA: Villagers in the Odisha Provence have started worshipping an eight-foot ganja tree. Some people in Bhapur are honoring the plant by adorning it with various colors of flowers. Local police claim to be unaware of the situation. While marijuana is technically illegal in India, it is often used as a sacrament to honor the gods, and overlooked by authorities.


Illegal Cannabis Cafes Pop Up All Over the U.K.
ENGLAND: A recent undercover investigation has revealed an outbreak of cannabis cafes in London and other cities in the United Kingdom. These establishments are set up to imitate the legal cafes in Amsterdam. One particular cafe, 'Adams Den' located in East London, as reported in The Sun, is located in a busy commercial district. According to the investigation, reporters witnessed cannabis being bought, sold, and smoked in the open. The reporters were able to by two £20 gram bags of Silver Haze from a man called "Abs" who runs the bar area in the back of the cafe. A source told The Sun that the cafe "gets busy late at night with 50 to 60 people in at a time.

     Research has indicated that their are over a million people in the U.K. regularly smoking cannabis, creating a black market industry worth billions of pounds each year.


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