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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Grow Tip for December 2017 - by Ben Horner

DIY Pot Cages

 Tomato Cages can be costly and don’t always work for all pots. Good support structures really increases the yields. Unlike with a trellis, cages can move with your individual plants which is preferred by growers that like to rotate their plants as they grow.

Training plants to bush out is a goal of most cultivators. By doing so, one can make more top buds and increase their yields. To make these DIY pot cages all you need is bamboo stakes and gardening twine. Cut four bamboo stakes to the desired height for each plant. Then, cut side

support pieces of four equal sizes. Using the gardening twine, assemble the sidepieces to the lengths to form a square. Make each rung 912 inches apart and make the sidepieces slightly longer as they move up the gage so the top tapers out.

 Another advantage these have is they are fully disassemble during a plants growth and can be enlarged over time. Some people prefer to use rubber tubing to make the sidepieces to make the cages more flexible. 

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