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Monday, May 28, 2018

Cannibals of Freedom: Who's your Daddy!?!?.- by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

Is summer finally here?!?!  Not sure, since we never really had a spring.  I can say this though, I sat outside on Sunday May 20th this year and my hands were cold after about an hour.  Jeez!

Still, it’s June and time for summer.  Let’s kick it off with a nod to all the Dads for Father’s Day.  Interestingly, Father’s Day has been around since the Dark Ages, when it was observed in Catholic Europe on March 19, as the feast of Saint Joseph.  However, in the US, it was not really celebrated outside Catholic traditions until the early 1900’s.  Also interesting is that it took many attempts beginning in 1908 and until 1972, to get it declared as a National Holiday, when then President Nixon signed it in to law. 

But really, do we need a law to tell us it’s ok to celebrate fatherhood?  Is it not enough that we are legislated and taxed into poverty?  That we must beg for permission to: build a toilet, a house, a barn; teach our own children; use a medicinal plant; drive the roads; earn a living; travel to another country?  Do we need a law to give us permission to celebrate our fathers?  And if we do, “Who’s YOUR Daddy, your father, or the government?  And if we need a law for that, then I guess we can’t complain when the parasites control us in all the other ways listed, and so many more.   

I intend to look at Father’s Day this year as a day of celebrating my freedom to not give a damn about parasites giving me permission to celebrate Father’s Day when they deem it appropriate.  I also intend to celebrate it on the day of my choosing.  In honor of that day, and my freedom to disregard the parasites telling me when to celebrate, I write the following:

Father, seed of my life.  Beginning and end.  I am Alive.  I think, I do.  Mistakes I might make.  Triumphs I may achieve.  Bred not for the pleasure of others.  It is only mine to lead.

My life, my freedom.  It is my path, and no other’s. Not another’s to take.  What then, is the purpose of my life?  For if I do not live for something, then I live for nothing.  Thereby rendering my meaningless.  Is it fulfillment, pride, happiness?  Or is it to live in servitude, drudgery, and forcible restraint?

Fight…fight…for the honor of my birth right.  Remember, all those fathers who died.  Let their fight not be in vain.  Neither responsibility for others’ failures, nor credit for their gains.  I must walk alone the path of my life seeded by my father, as my children theirs. I will not cease. Happy Father’s Day, every day.

Ok, now that I have my rant out of the way, let’s talk practical nonsense.  When you are out and about celebrating this summer, remember, the revenue generators are going to be out in force.  As I have shown in the last few months, they will commit perjury in order to take your hard earned money, because they know that most will not fight them. But there are things you can do to protect yourself while driving.
1. Check that all of your lights are working, including turn signals, brakes, back-up lights, etc., on a regular basis.
2. Use those turn signals!
3. Remember that when turning on to a road, it is the law to turn in the closest lane first, then use your turn signal to enter the far lane if needed.
4. DON’T drink or ingest medicinal marijuana while driving, or before you drive.
5. If you must party, DON’T drive away if you have had any more than two drinks.  For Christ’s sakes laddie, a friend or Uber and Lyft are much cheaper than my legal services.  (Note:  I will gladly help you if you need it, but would rather you party responsibly.) 
6. If you are stopped by the police, you have the right to KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT!  And if you do speak, do so in a polite and calm manner, but don’t confess to speeding, or any other thing to which the officer is trying to get you to confess.
7. If stopped, don’t engage in a political debate.  First, many of those officers are not equipped for that.  Next, it will just piss them off.  Finally, you will not likely win, after all, he/she has a gun dummkopf!
8. If you are arrested, KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT!, then get ahold of an attorney at the first possible moment. 
9. See number 6 and 8 above.
10. Get your father a present, or a card, or at the very least call your father and wish him well!  I mean really?!?!  Who’s Your Daddy?!?!

Till next month, as always, keep rolling on.

Disclaimer:  This is an informational article only.  It is not to provide individual legal advice.  If you need legal services, feel free to contact me, or any attorney of your choosing.

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