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Friday, July 27, 2012

Adam Brook Story

BOY WAS I SCHOCKED to see that Former Police Chief BILL DWYER has come out against the WAR ON DRUGS.   My late father was friendly with “the chief” and used to argue with me saying “if intelligent men like the chief are against the legalization of pot, so am I!!!!”  Now the let down in the realization that “the chief” had come to the dark side for me was that I can’t share it with my father, who NEVER agreed with my politics.  The Chief was quoted as saying “I think you will see in the very near future marijuana legalized here, as it has been in other states” and “I always believed it was a gateway drug to other drugs.  I’m not sure that it is anymore”.  Now to me this is a HUGE kick in the nuts.  He thought it was a gateway drug?  Where did he get that crap from?  I bet he thinks/thought marijuana kills brain cells, REEFER MADNESS crap!!!!  If there is a War on Drugs, then those types of thoughts should be considered war crimes.  As you know if you repeat a lie long enough it will be thought of as truth.  The chief was considered a General in the War on Drugs.  He was considered a local WOD hero.  Now that he has wised up, do his former supporters consider him a ZERO?  I consider him a traitor.  I am sure now that he has left public service he feels comfortable about coming out against the War on Drugs.  I have yet to hear him repent for ALL those people whose lives he ruined by arresting them and sending them to prison?????  FUCK YOU CHIEF!!!!  Personally I think ALL law enforcement officers (all ranks) should be tested every 20-30 days.  If they test positive they should be fired.  YES! Fired. Hypocrisy really PISSES me off and I have decided I will no longer allow it to be part of my life.  I will even admit that I had a good friend for many years (he actually kept me from doing something REALLY REALLY stupid during my break up with my first wife) who was a retired officer and it always bothered me that at one point in his life he was destroying people’s lives by arresting them on drug charges.  He is a stand up guy and while his past really bothered me I have to say I do like him, plus he has since more than made up for his past in my eyes.  Unfortunately Chief Dwyer will probably be getting paid when he gives speeches about how he has come out against the War on Drugs.  Stay tuned, I’ll find out how much he charges.

     I wanted to take up some space this month with a little bit of congratulations to Tim Beck for his win over the City of Detroit.  Only a broke ass city like Detroit would fight as hard as they did against a ballot proposal brought to them by one of its own residents.  I lived in Detroit for many years and my family was in business in Detroit for over 80 years.  All I can say is I am happy I left before this bankrupt steel company owner took over as mayor.  I am looking forward to seeing the proposal pass and the city once again looking like fools for wasting the people money on stupidity.

I also have to applaud Brad Forrester for his letter to the editor of the Lansing State Journal.  As I have stated in this column in the past, those of us who actually use marijuana should be the ones making comment about its effects.

Also kudos go out to the Lansing City Attorney and the Lansing Police Department for saying that “selling pipes and bongs, while undesirable to some, doesn’t violate drug paraphernalia laws because they can be used for legal purposes.”  Brig Smith, the city attorney, was quoted as saying “we see no way to prosecute, as there will almost always be a legally permissible use (e.g. tobacco, medical marijuana) which would prevent successful prosecution.”  I am happy to see that the city attorney gets that medical marijuana is a part of Michigan law, which makes just about ALL smoking devices legal………

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