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Friday, July 27, 2012


Vote Green Initiative Project

Ben Horner

I am pleased to confirm that the Committee for a Safer Flint pushed hard and has completed the task of collecting the need signatures to place a dicrim amendment to the City of Flint Charter. The city clerk has confirmed signatures and we are about to discuss the ballot language.  This amendment exempts adults over the age of 19 for position of less then an ounce of marijuana in the city of Flint.  Baring any complications, Flint will join Detroit and the sister motor cities can once again craft a new industry of innovation and prosperity.

Last month the VGIP folks met with the Republican Genesee Senator, David Robertson. The lobbying effort started with discussing the bill in the Michigan Senate that aims to remove glaucoma from the list of qualifying conditions. We explained that the very first federal patient was qualified for glaucoma and that marijuana has a proven track record of helping these patients. He didn’t care and was committed to removing medical marijuana from home cultivation and thought Michiganders would be best served by placing marijuana in the hands of the “professionals.”

He also warned that this was the general consensus of the Michigan House and Senate to remove access to the medical marijuana program based on the theory that Michigan Voters were being tricked into legalizing marijuana.  Senator Robertson also stated that he was impressed with the lobbying efforts put forth by the White Pine Mines and the Subterra Group. “These medicines need to be highly regulated to be effective,” insisted Senator Robertson. “I think people are just going to have to except that the free-for-all is over.”

I am looking forward to the upcoming meeting this month and at the Ann Arbor Conference in August.  We have a free Jazz, Blues Funk Concert at Kearsley Park in Flint. John Sinclair will be back for our August events and he has promised to help the cause one last time as the local campaigns to reduce or remove the penalties for marijuana possession.

The lawmakers in Lansing are on the fence. Tell them not to change the MMMA and to embrace marijuana law reform. The November elections are really going to be very important.

Come out to one of our meeting, get a tee shirt, and make a difference.

Meeting with lawmakers
August 21st& 22nd
We need patient testimonies to make a good impression.
Call 810-820-8953 to reserve your seat, space is limited)

Connoisseur Consulting
9046 North Dort Hwy.
Mount Morris, MI 48458
August 2nd, 7-9pm (political workshop/fundraiser for Eric Gunnels)

Blues, Jazz and Funk Concert
Kearsley Park
·         1700 Kearsley Park Blvd
Flint Michigan
August 11th3pm-9pm (Flint Promotion with John Sinclair and Friends)

Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference
Clarion Hotel and Conference Center
2900 Jackson ave - Ann Arbor, Michigan
August 17,18,19

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