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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

GROW TIP: Not All LEDs are Created Equal - by Ben Horner

      For the last five years, their producers have hailed LED lightning technology, as the next best thing for both growing and lighting purposes.  LED’s are 75% more efficient then conventional bulbs and run much cooler, but there are some drawbacks. There are many LED lighting systems designed for growing, but only those that are properly engineered can hold their own up against the standard bulbs used by serious growers.

     When buying LED systems do the research to find a quality product.  Below is a picture of a no-name LED grow light bought at the local shopping center. As you can see by the side-by-side comparison with the cheap LED and standard HPS, there is an obvious difference in productivity. This off-brand light has almost no value. The reason has to do with overall output, color spectrum and light radiance.

No-name generic LED system produces unacceptable results.

      High quality brands like Lush Lighting use high-intensity diodes, with a full spectrum wave length that produces high quality grass, for a fraction of the electricity. The systems are not cheap, but these systems produce very little heat, which can reduce the need of a vented hood system that almost diverts the cost of upgrading.

Identical strain (Wonder Woman) proves that cheap LED’s are a waste of time.

    So the proof is in, not LED’s are the same. Be sure to study all the LEDs brands before investing, because if you don’t you might be stuck with in a lemon.  Find a brand you can trust and don’t be cheap.
High quality brands like Lush Lighting are used by serious growers with epic results!

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  3. This is a long tine ago. But know there is COB technology. At is using this new technology. Have a look.

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