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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Former Governor William Milliken Supports Democratic candidate Mark Totten for Attorney General - by Chelsea Shaker

     With recent activity circling the upcoming elections on both sides of the aisle, former Governor William Milliken came out in support for Attorney General Candidate Mark Totten.

     “Attorney General Schuette likes Governor Milliken and respects  his service, but seeing that Mr. Totten stakes his candidacy on being a prosecutor, I wonder if Mr. Totten told Gov. Milliken that he has never once convicted a criminal in trial court, and never once held a paid job as a prosecutor. That is the heart of his case for why he is qualifies to be AG, but it doesn’t hold up” said Schuette Campaign Manager John Sellek.

     Bob Berg, or Berg Muirhead and Associates, the firm that issues Milliken’s statement this morning, claimed that the endorsement stems from the “overall breadth and depth” of Totten’s experiences.

     Among those endorsing Totten is SEIU Michigan State Council, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan, and Michigan Association for Justice.

     Those endorsing Schuette are the Detroit Police Officers Association, Retired Fire Fighters and Police Association, and the National Federation of Independent Businesses. 

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