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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Michigan Governor Candidate Mark Shauer's Statement in regards to HB4271 and 5104:

September 23, 2014
     “As I’ve traveled across the state and talked with patients, medical professionals and local community leaders, it is clear that the state needs to clarify Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act to ensure safe access to medical marijuana for registered patients and caregivers.  Currently, communities are in limbo as to the legal parameters of provisioning centers. This has caused inconsistent law enforcement and limited safe access for medications, especially non-smokeable forms of medical marijuana."

     Two bills are currently pending in the Michigan Senate that take a commonsense approach to address these challenges: HB 4271 and HB 5104. These bills would give local communities the option of whether they wish to license and regulate local provisioning centers, while respecting the values of the individual community. Additionally, this legislation would ensure people suffering from chronic and serious debilitating conditions and diseases have access to non-smokeable forms of medical marijuana to increase their quality of life. I fully support these bills and encourage both the Michigan Senate and the Governor to take action and make these two bills law as soon as possible.”

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