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Monday, December 22, 2014

Grow Tip -by Ben Horner

     So, if you have been growing for a while you have probably been to one of your local indoor gardening stores (AKA the tongue-in-cheek store you buy supplies to grow hydroponic tomatoes) and the store owner or manager hands you a bottle of what they say is the newest, best and greatest additive for your plants. Boisterous claims have been made so many times that we don’t even try half the stuff that
people offer. 

     Many product samples have been tried for this magazine and rarely does anything produce drastic improvements. So when Buddy from Clio Cultivation offered me what he claimed was going to revolutionize my growing, needless to say I was skeptical. If you don’t know Buddy, you should meet the guy. When I told him that this happens to me all the time, he insisted this was different. So we made a wager. He bet me that if I did a side-by-side comparison and didn’t see a difference then he would let me tell the whole world that he is a fool and reimburse my recent purchase. If he was right (which he was), I would write an article about Terpinator and tell the world just how truly revolutionary of a product it is (which I am).
     Terpinator is a completely ORGANIC additive that can work in conjunction with any nutrient line-up, it is PH neutral and will not effect your parts per million (PPMs). The results are similar to the now banned plant growth regulators (PGRs); increasing potency, density, aroma, and most importantly terpenes. We were unable to get the manufactures to disclose exactly what they put in the additive but it works.

     For the side-by-side comparison, we grew two Blue Satellites (Sweet Tooth x Blue Berry) and used Terpinator with our normal nutrient line. The Blue Satellite that received the additive grew bigger, denser buds with beautiful colors and a distinct richer aroma. Visually the difference is undeniable. Buddy told me he wants everyone in Michigan to try it just once. I imagine soon everyone will be recommending this stuff, but you heard it here first
at the MMM Report.

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