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Monday, December 22, 2014

Michigan News -by Rachel Bunting

Wyoming, Mi
     In 2011 the DEA was led to Wyoming, Michigan while investigating a drug plot and arrested several men after discovering 12,000 pounds of marijuana valued at $50 million. However they were unable to capture three men they believe were connected to the bust and are also involved with the Mexican drug cartel. Adrian Nunez Gonzalez, Alex Parra, and Angel Santos-Rodriguez are all wanted in Western Michigan for their connection to the drugs. Authorities say Santos-Rodriguez was the head of the operation and that the bales of marijuana were smuggled across the U.S./Mexican border. Santos- Rodriguez put Parra and Gonzales in charge of the operation when he left town after hearing law enforcement was closing in. They too left the state when hearing of officers getting close to catching them. Authorities believe they have been active in Kent County since 2009. The last time Gonzales and Parra were seen they were headed to Chicago. Police are unsure of the men’s true identities stating they were able to obtain drivers licenses by falsifying documents. Investigators are asking for help in finding these individuals, who are believed to be extremely dangerous with ties and resources for a Mexican drug cartel. “Alex Parra is believed to have also have ties to North Hollywood and Sun Valley in California, as well as the state of Illinois. He’s 5’6” and 220 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. Adrian Nunez-Gonzalez is believed to have several aliases and local connections to Berrien and Washington as well as California and Illinois. He’s 5’8” and 150 pounds with brown eyes and black hair. The mastermind, Angel Santos-Rodriguez, also has several aliases and connections to Puerto Rico, Texas, and Mexico. He’s 5’8” with brown eyes and black hair.

Grand Rapids
     Shawn Andrew Taylor, the leader of an illegal operation that sold medical marijuana to ineligible patients, plead guilty to his role in using the Medical Marijuana Act as a disguise to manufacture marijuana at more than a dozen locations in four counties. The operation, which called themselves the Medical Marijuana Team, involved buying and selling marijuana, hash, wax, and other pot related products. Taylor had his hand in many manufacturing operations that would be sustained by those who had a patient or caregiver card. He even began searching for patients and caregivers and would pay for their certifications and licensing fees. The organization advertised on craigslist and sent text messages to potential customers. In all 38 people will be charged in the conspiracy about half of those will be sentenced early next year.

The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan
     Christmas is a time of giving, not only to our own families, but to those who are strangers to us and are hungry this holiday season. The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan is always collecting food for those that need it most. This holiday share some food from your pantry with those who don’t have any. More than 22,000 people are helped each week by this organization. Check with your local distributor to see if they participate in this wonderful program and what you can do to help.

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