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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Leaf Doctor Pt.1 -by Ben Horner

 Over the last three years, Marcel, AKA the Leaf Doctor, has been sweeping competitions all over the state. To date this world class grower has acquired 40 plus trophies and awards. Part of his claim to fame is the unique breeding programs that have produced some of the strongest cannabis strains in Michigan.
    Many other growers have come to either have great respect for the Leaf Doctor, or are green with envy and constantly deny his success to various forms of cheating. During the High Times event in Clio Michigan this summer, Leaf Doctor turned the tables on his naysayers by anonymously submitting his unique strains, forcing a true test that is hard to dispute.
     Marcel has won multiple awards in all the competitions that his strains have been entered. After winning almost all of the local, including the Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Conferences in Ann Arbor, Traverse City and Grand Rapids, some of the other regular competitors began insinuating that the Leaf Doctor had somehow been hedging the outcomes in these Michigan Cups. Once again outsmarting the competition, during the High Times cup in Clio this last July, the Leaf Doctor partnered up with a few select dispensaries to submit multiple entrees.
     Iron Labs, who did all the testing, reported Leaf Doctor’s Ghost Train Haze #1 at 29.92% total cannabinoids, which ended up being the highest testing entry in the competition, winning him second place in the sativa category. Marcel also grew the Alien Dog F2, which won the second place prize for best Indica. Leaf Doctor also captured first place for Gorilla Glue, beating out multiple other gorilla glue entrees. Three big wins by one grower in Michigan cannot be denied.
     Those on the inside of these competitions know that Leaf Doctor was the grower who won the most awards, even though High Times had to cancel the awards ceremony due to the weather, so no trophies were distributed. Making it worse, in the December issue, which included the article covering the Michigan Cannabis Cup, neglected to mention most of the growers, but rather their sponsors.
     The Leaf Doctor told the MMM Report that he wants everyone in Michigan to know that he is the best grower around, and plans on taking no prisoners in 2015. He hopes more people will come out and challenge him in Grand Rapids during the Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference during the last weekend of this coming February.
     Next month we will look more in depth into Leaf Doctor’s original genetics, available in new seed packs.

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