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Thursday, November 5, 2015

All in the Family - by Adam Brook

     I am no Paul Lynde. However, being the center square is important. You are asked to play more and you will be part of a winning team more often than not. Bring me something I can support (or pay me) and I’m there 100%.

     Movement is how I described the cohesiveness of who we are and what we did as pot activists. Times have changed. Things are moving in a mostly positive direction.


     However the movement is splintered. People, organizations, even politicians won’t support each other because they have different objectives. We need to become more like a family and less like a movement. You don’t have to love each other, but at least respect each other as you would family.

     Most of us are only blessed with one family. I have have been part of a few, some by marriage, some by choice like The Rainbow Family of Living Light, The High Times Freedom Fighters or Rainbow Farm. You know when your amongst family. I guess that’s why the sign at the entrance of a gathering says HOME.

     A little over a year ago I was told I HAD to check out Dab Warz. I had heard about it but had no clue what it was, but anything with Dab and Warz is worth a shot. When I got there I was introduced to Big Jay...It’s his place, but only in name. He immediately had me take a photo with him and his nephew, come to find out I was introduced as a pot celebrity.....Then he took me inside with these words “Welcome to The OMS DAB HOUSE family”... WOW!!! Within seconds I knew I had found a new home, with a group of #newagehippies as Jay calls them on his IG account. These are people who come from all walks of life. Are from all religions. Come in every color people come in.

     Even shapes and sizes (dude name Tree, no nametag required). They ALL have one thing in common: MARIJUANA. Some drive from the west side of the state and some from the Upper Pensinula. You will find the BEST of the BEST at all levels when it comes to flowers, medibles and dabs at The Dab House..(hell I spent years not drinking the Kool-aid, but I met the Kool-aid man and it was a wrap)..These are people who like to trade practices and help each other to improve. While the venue is called The OMS Dab House the competition Jay holds is called DETROIT DAB WARZ......You may have heard of it.....I know that DETROIT DAB WARZ has a persona all of its own, even larger than reality. Yes, there is a competition (they try to do it monthly), but it’s about recognition of the best, not ego.

     The Dab House is a social club. It’s open Monday and Thursday nights 7-11 (winter hours), for what is by far the top “farmers market” in the state. The competition is two part. There is a semi final where anyone can enter their concentrate. The entries are tested by PSI Labs and a week later judges packs are judged at DAB WARZ. The winner of the semi final gets a nice glass rig in a case and the option to challenge the champion. Currently, Loyalty Extracts is the belt holder. Being the current belt holder has many privileges at The Dab House...entry fees covered, prime vending location, and an actual championship belt. The belt is passed from champ to champ. There are regularly special events as Jay has brought rappers, celebrities and some of the best extraction artists in the country to the Dab House.

     The Dab House is a Family. While it may be Jay’s place, people look out for each other and help each other. When a Dab House members’ husband passed away, the following Monday a collection was taken up to help with expenses. There is a Doctor in to see patients on Sundays and Jay regularly sponsors veterans to get their card. He makes the Dab House available for rent to members. I could get into detail about what goes on there, but the only way to really get a feel is to stop in and take a dab. I have a permanent space at the bar. When you get there ask for me. I’ll show you around, but be warned, as Jay says NO WINDOW SHOPPING.

Check out @omsdabhouse on Instagram.

Shout Out to ALEX HINSON – last months contest winner. Bobby Taylor was the correct answer. She won herself a LIFE IS SHORT DAB HARD t-shirt and a sticker pack....

This might be a little harder.....(btw- you try coming up with a question, and then see how easlity google gets you the answer...)

This months question: Why would a pot activist know the #18699?
Text your answer to 313-999-0329.

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Adam L. Brook

FB: adamlbrook
                                                     Twitter: @mrhashbash


  1. @mrhashbash I need to make it down to Detroit very soon, but until I do, keep up the good work.

  2. I would love to come down. What do I need to know before heading to you.