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Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Sky is Falling! We Cannot Legalize Marijuana! - by Daniel L. Price

     Ever wonder why it is that when people want to take your freedom they always use that four letter word, FEAR?  I have heard them all in my life: 

     If you don’t pass the millage, the children will suffer; if we don’t raise taxes, your fires won’t be put out, your homes won’t be protected by police, and of course, your roads won’t get fixed. 

     Well, in the context of marijuana it’s the same old song and dance.  Fear the high people driving on the road!  Fear the drug addicts will be stoned at work!  Fear the neighborhoods will lose property values due to pot houses!  Also, the oldie but goodie, Fear the children will get drugs more easily!  I mean, isn’t using children to get anything pretty sad, and pretty old?  The most interesting thing is that the fear is real, but not what we are told.  The real fear is of those who desire to control the behavior of others.  That fear is simply that freedom might break out everywhere, and they will lose control over others. 

     Let’s look at this from a logical point of view.  Every time government actors state that some substance or behavior will “harm the children”, or be a threat to “public safety” or will not be in the “public good” it is an attempt to gin up fear in the people so they will vote their own freedoms away.  Happened during prohibition, and that is only one tiny example.  Isn’t it interesting though that the regulation of a behavior or substance is to allow that behavior or substance?

     The only difference is that so long as it is regulated or banned, government actors can earn money, with no effort at producing, for the maintenance of their own life.  Isn’t the decision whether or not to regulate or ban something really the issue of how much money government actors will take from us?  After all, there is a multi-billion dollar tax industry of alcohol, and a multi-billion dollar industry of banning marijuana.  The following is a tiny example of the insanity that results when the control of our own lives is taken from us:

Point 1:  Alcohol and tobacco are harmful to children and adults.  These are highly addictive, cause the break-up of families, and are known to destroy the brain and other organs of the body.  Alcohol is also the main cause behind a good number of highway deaths and property destruction.  Yet, these substances are legal and highly regulated, and most importantly, highly TAXED!  Yet, even though none of these alleged harms apply to marijuana it remains illegal.  That’s right, the substances that are harmful to not only children, but adults as well, and pose a threat to the safety of others are ok, so long as government actors can reap financial gains. 
     In other words, so long as they can live off our fears for their own financial gain, it does not seem to matter what harm something might cause.  So why is marijuana illegal again?

Point 2: Neither alcohol and tobacco, nor marijuana is harmful to the public safety, or the public good.  The fact is, it is not the use of the substance that is harmful; it’s the abuse of substances that cause harm.  In other words, it is human behavior that is a threat to us.  Not only this, but time and again I’ve read government supported studies that indicate marijuana is actually not harmful.  Even more, in spite of decades of misinformation and propaganda by government actors, marijuana is extremely helpful and is a natural medicine for hundreds of physical and mental conditions.  So tell me again, why is marijuana illegal?

Point 3:  Regulating human behavior will not prevent human behaviors; it will only make those who desire to live off others while robbing them of their freedom wealthy, under the justification of fear.  That is, only so long as we allow it.  So tell me once more, why is marijuana still illegal?

     As to the issue of marijuana versus alcohol and tobacco, or anything else for that matter, if you do not like it - do not do it, period.  Asserting our right to freedom can only be done by voting for freedom, and not by voting to deny freedoms.   Speaking of voting for freedom, think about the following question:  When was the last time you heard a politician say he/she would fight for your freedom?  Interesting question and the answer is even more interesting.

     No, legalizing marijuana will not bring harm to children.  Like alcohol, swords, guns, poison and radioactive materials, it is not the substance, but the parents’ decisions that may or may not harm the children.  Freedom does not harm children.  The real harm brought to our children is when we vote to take their freedom from them so government actors can gain financially.

Till next month, by all means, keep rolling on.

Disclaimer:  This is an informational article only.  It is not to provide individual legal advice.  If you need legal services, feel free to contact me, or any attorney of your choosing.

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