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Monday, December 7, 2015

MMM Report Feature Artist: Dragon Wagon - by Hemptress Jolene

     Do you like bluegrass folk rock that takes you on an exploration of Americana music and a shot of whiskey? If you answered yes to both those things, then the Michigan Roots band Dragon Wagon just might be for you. Dragon Wagon may once have referred to a tank, now also refers to this tank of music.  Since forming in 2008, they have become a powerhouse of Michigan roots music.   The debut CD Dragon Wagon is definitely worth the download.

     As a huge fan of roots music, I first caught Michigan’s Dragon Wagon at Farmfest in Northern Michigan and what made me want to see them again was the energy and personality they brought their music.  This band made people get up and dance, their wasn’t a person in that crowd that wasn’t bouncing something.  To me, that is the sign of a good roots band, they make you move.  They make you dance, they make you want to sing right along with them, even if that singing comes out as a caterwaul.  It seems the are always good with whiskey! That first performance was something else and I truly enjoyed the energy and showmanship they bring to the table.

     Led by front man Don Schiender, Dragon Wagon is not only known for original and catchy new age Americana songs, but, also, for putting a new twist on old traditionals and bringing them back for a new generation of listeners to enjoy.  Mandolinist, Troy Radikin recognized as one of Detroit’s best mandolin players, enriches the layers of this five piece with pickin’ solos that sometimes just can’t be beat.  The explosively fast and up beat fiddle playing of Megan Ulrich should definitely be mentioned, for where these boys go, she is right there waiting for them.  The rhythm section is the beat of any good band and this one holds strong with steady smooth tempo and bass that keeps the house steady and the group in time.  This steady rhythm section is provided by their talented bassist Mathew Myers and the beats of their supreme drummer Travis Aukerman

     So, if you are out their hunting for some good banjo pickin’, if you like a sweet beat and good mandolin licks, then you are looking to hop on the wagon on this roots music dragon!  Dragon Wagon can be seen all around the state this holiday season.  Look for them this December, their up come shows include Decemeber 4th and 5th, and December 11th and 12th!  To learn more about their shows and the band itself, check out their website at or give them the like on Facebook!

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