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Monday, December 7, 2015

The Christmas Wish List - by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

     It’s that time of year again. Christmas is nearly here! You know, Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. Whether you believe that Christmas is a religious holiday or not, it does not matter. Christmas time is exciting and brings happiness and cheer to people. It also brings with it the spirit of giving.

     I like to view Christmas as the time of year when people come together and share the fruits of their labors of the year that is ending, not only with those they love, but also with total strangers. Of course we all have that Christmas wish list, whether we are young or old. So I thought I’d share my list with you, the readers. I do this because this magazine is dedicated to bringing information to those who are denied their freedom to ingest marijuana, making otherwise good people criminals. So here goes:

1.  I wish that people could bring themselves to see that when we become intolerant of the beliefs and actions of others, that it leads to laws which destroy freedom.

2.  I wish that people of all walks of life could realize that when we accept laws that make it a crime to engage in activities that leave no victims, like ingesting marijuana, that it drives yet another nail in freedom’s coffin.

3.  I wish that all people can come together and understand that marijuana is just another plant which nature provided us for our benefit.

4.  I wish that the people who elect those who represent us come to understand that when we elect people to office that it should be for their commitment to protecting our freedom, and not to their commitment to destroy the freedom of those with whom we do not agree.

5.  I wish that elected officials would simply open their eyes and see the truth of the reality that when they write laws which deny freedom, they are destroying their own freedom, as well as the very foundation of the creation of our wonderful country.

6.  I wish that all police officers take a moment to remember that their purpose is, not to make money for the state, but to protect our freedoms from those who would rob form us or harm us, and to serve us when we are in need of assistance, like the MI State Trooper who I saw changing a flat tire for a motorist this past summer on westbound I-96 near Ionia, MI. To that trooper I salute you and say thank you for all of us.

7.  I wish that all people within the justice system would remember that those who stand in the courts are human beings and not just numbers.

8.  I wish that not one more young man or woman will die or become maimed on a battlefield in the name of freedom, for the benefit of yet another dictator who will murder his own countrymen with the help of politicians in America.

9.  I wish that every person who knows another who might go without during Christmas will extend a hand of generosity and give a gift so that all may know the joy of giving.

     No, the legalization of marijuana will not grant my wishes. But the realization of these wishes will bring about the legalization of marijuana. I can say this because it will bring about the restoration of our freedom for which so many have died, or were forced to give up so much in the fight for freedom. 

     For those of you who fight for the legalization of marijuana, you also fight for freedom, whether you realize it or not. It is for this that you are to be admired and respected. Yet, you will be discriminated against and prosecuted for exercising your freedom. Yet, many of you will keep fighting because it is right to fight for freedom. For this you should understand there are others in this fight with you. You are not alone. Search each other out. Join together no matter your differences. Recognize that the right to be free does not interfere with others’ freedom, nor does another’s freedom interfere with your rights.

     Maybe, just maybe, this Christmas Wish List will come true, if we band together and demand freedom. I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas, and a freer, New Year.

     Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I have 10 wishes, so here goes:

10.  This wish is more personal. I wish that the person who I refer to as “dearest” will always know that my meeting her and her letting me remain in her life, is the greatest honor ever bestowed upon me. You know who you are, and I hope I forever remain worthy of this honor.

     I’ll be back next month, and by all means, till then, keep rolling on.

Disclaimer:  I frequently become overwhelmed with joy and the spirit of giving during the Christmas season. It is a once a year occurrence, so don’t expect it all the time.

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