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Monday, December 7, 2015

‘tis The Season... (as if it’s not always THE SEASON......) - by Adam Brook

     I appreciate the readers and the support I have gotten since returning to The MMMR. I was shocked that NO one knew Samuel R. Caldwell’s inmate number 18699. I thought that was an easy one..... This months contest is below......

     Here is a review of some of the products that have come my way. I found them to be worthy so I thought you may be interested in a short review..

     I was given a PAIN BLOCK.....A wonderfully flavored 100 mg activated Cannabis Oil Gummy block. It looks like a Large LEGO. I was given a CHERRY COLA flavored one.....Tasted GREAT...Didn’t have that oily taste that some edibles have....Now I have had many edibles....Many at 100mg.....Can’t always tell I ate it...Not in this case. I had had a pretty rough day so about an hour before bed I ate the’s time to get in bed...TRUST me I will sleep well and you will too if you get one of these PAIN BLOCKS. Ask for them at your local dispensary........or hit me up and I can point you in the right direction....Once I can see the compass....

     My friends at GenotypeA² hooked me up with their new G-nail. It is a nice compact unit that is about the size of my original Walkman (youngsters, Google it) The box part has a nice GenotypeA² logo laser etched on it.... the unit came with a nice 4 ft long cord for the nail and my choice of a ceramic nail. It fits nicely on my Nexus mini puck.... it gets hot extremely with in a minute.....and I’m not talking stoner time.....The directions were too simple...One button makes it hotter one lowers the temp........I really like this unit. Didn’t think I would like an e-nail, BOY was I wrong... EVERYONE needs one! I take it with me when I travel...They also have some killer gear, I have heard lots of good things from people about them when I started bragging about my G-nail... Check out GenotypeA² at @genotype_a2 in IG or ...

     The best thing I was asked to try was a SEEGO Vhit RISE Dual Coil for my portable dabbing pleasure. The coolest part of this unit is the rotating tip. It bends at an angle that makes more sense. You are not holding it sideways. I have found that the duel coil in the ceramic pot works great. The kit came with 2 extra coils.... I have used one coil for two months, heavy use and it’s still killing it.....I am a big fan of the SEEGO products and want to thank my homeboy OID for the gift.

     Hope you all have a happy holiday and look for the Adventures of The Big Green Bus, coming soon....

Have you signed the MiLegalize petition?

As Nike says JUST DO IT!!!!! No swoosh needed.

     The reason to support this is that it moves the ball forward. While it my not be perfect, I see the lack of a ballot initiative as a bigger problem. Even if you disagree with it, sign it so you can vote no in the ballot box...JUST SIGN!!!!

This months contest is easy if you ask me:

Where did the High Times Freedom Fighters have their campground here in Michigan for HASH BASH?

Text your answer to 313-999-0329.

Questions, Comments or Complaints hit me up............


Adam L. Brook

FB: adamlbrook
Periscope: Adamlbrook
Twitter: @mrhashbash

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