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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016: Happy New Year - by Adam Brook

     2016 is supposed to be the year that more states go legal. At this point we are waiting to see if MI LEGALIZE has collected enough signatures to make it to the ballot in November. It also looks like a referendum will be needed in Detroit to fix the disaster created by the City Council. Others are skwakin’ but talk is cheap.

     The future for marijuana in Michigan is unknown, but I can tell you it can only get better. Attitudes are changing. Why? Because the old people are dying off. Those with reefer madness mentality who are younger are educatable. You have to start by explaining that they were lied to and prove it. GET INVOLVED as YOU are the future.

      So, my latest addiction is a social media app called PERISCOPE. Heard of it? It’s all the rage. What is it? It’s a live streaming platform. I‘ll explain in a few....What Periscope really is is a company that was started with $1.5 million and less than a year later was acquired by Twitter, BEFORE the product was publicly launched....OH, and for a rumored $50-$100 Million....but that’s not the only thing that had me take a look.....It was released in March of 2015 for Apple, May 2015 for Android.....Aug 2015 Periscope said it had surpassed 10 MILLION accounts......I thought to myself, some of these folks have to be interested in weed, right? Oh my!

     So what is it......Unlike YouTube or Vine, Periscope allows you to post live video streams, keeps them available for replay for 24hrs, then they are gone....Unless you know how to capture them using a 3rd party app.....You can follow people (broadcasters) and you will get a notification (if you turn it on) when they go live.....Your audience can see and hear you. They can chat with you using a chat box feature... Periscope allows viewers to send “hearts” to a broadcaster by tapping the screen, it’s what you do to say you like what you are seeing or hearing.....

I fell head first into this one.

     Within a week I had done 20 broadcasts, had 100 followers and a new scope (slang for a Broadcast) called Dab with Adam. Yes, a daily Dab show..3 to 4 a day, some long some just a few dabs long..we talk about all things weed related...I do trivia and play NAME THAT TUNE on my scope and send out prizes for winners. There are people from all over the world watching. Some speak very little English, but want to learn...I have a 14 year old Russian boy (Doni313) who follows me. He saw I was scoping from Detroit. He is in mad love with Detroit. Of course EVERYTHING he knows about Detroit comes out of the movie 8 Mile. Boy was he surprised when I sent him the YouTube link to the scene titled RABBIT IS BETRAYED...(check it out went nuts. Now he watches all my scopes. He’ll watch a replay and let me know what the Russians are saying. They will chat amongst themselves and I have no idea what its about.... some people will block people for that type of behavior. I only speak/read English. That’s my problem....I encourage them to speak amongst themselves.....I am expecting a visit from the MIB telling me that some grand conspiracy was discussed in one of the many foreign languages I might see go by.....

     I got up one Sunday morning and did an early morning Dab with Adam scope....An amazing 1200 people watched that scope. It was all I needed I’m hooked...

     Now a few weeks later I’m at 250 shows and 300 followers.....I do scopes on Monday and Thursdays from The OMS Dab House, home of Detroit Dab Warz. And since it’s not ALL about ME, there are a ton of WEED people doing scopes....Of course the GIRLS get more viewers... I see a ton of stuff that makes me go huh? And then there are the fire scopes from the scene of a burning building...My favorite scope I have viewed was a classroom in lock down at a school. It was eye opening... and kind of cool when the cop doing the sweep knocked on the door, opened it, with his weapon drawn ordered the showing of hands, moved the barricade, then complemented the children and teacher for doing all the right things and ordered them to shelter in place.....What’s cool is that there are viewers who will be listening to police scanners and will report in the chats what it going on. You see a lot of this in the fire scopes.

     I invite you to check out Periscope. Download the app and Follow me. I am easy to find, Adam L Brook is the name and DABS are my game......OK we smoke flower also... come check it out.

What’s up with lack of correct answers for the monthly trivia question. I had 10 people guess and no one had it. The High Times Freedom Fighters used to set up camp at The Grass Lake DNR campground. I will write about that in the future...

This months trivia question:

How many joints does Elvy Musikka get in the mail each month?
(this one’s easy)

Text your answer to 313-999-0329

Questions, Comments or Complaints hit me up............

Adam L. Brook

Periscope:Adam L Brook


FB: adamlbrook

Twitter: @mrhashbash

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