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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Teen Years Anxiety - by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

     It’s 2016!!!  Hopefully your holiday hangovers are done.  Also, I hope, that none of you were pulled over by the police while you were enjoying your merriment.  If you were, you may understand the importance of standing up for your freedoms.  The alternative is to allow what amounts to a bunch of teenagers to keep you from exercising your right to self-determination.

     That is, since it is in the teen years of the 21st century, I think it good to point out that the government actors in our state seem to be acting like teenagers.  And of course, like teenagers, when faced with a situation that is unfamiliar, government actors tend to become anxious and lash out.  That’s exactly what happened since the people of the State of Michigan recognized that marijuana has far reaching medical benefits and voted to legalize marijuana for medical use.  Well, the adults thought they were voting to legalize medical marijuana use.  Problem is, the government actors decided to pronounce that medical marijuana use is “not legal” - it’s just protected. 

     Those government actors were faced with an unfamiliar situation, they never believed the people would see through the propaganda they laid out for so many decades.  They never thought people would use their own minds and determine what the government actors were saying was a bunch of…well…let’s just say…HORSE HOCKEY! 

     Like teenagers, those government actors rebelled and lashed out.  They rebelled and lashed out in the only way they know how.  They disregard our right to determine our own lives, yes our very right to self-determination.  Medical marijuana patients, and caregivers alike are still being persecuted and prosecuted.  You are not legal, you are protected.  You are only protected if you have just so many plants, and so much usable marijuana.  Problem is, if you have 12 plants per patient, no matter how many patients you have, you can be charged with and found guilty of one or more felonies.  Also, if you are a patient, and you have 12 plants, you can be charged with and be found guilty of one or more felonies.  Not only this, but you can lose your home, your vehicles, your savings account, and all of your other property.  And in some cases, people are losing their children, even though they have the medical marijuana cards that the State itself issued.

     Yes, this all sounds quite contradictory.  But then again, teenagers tend to be contradictory.  They do not yet have a fully developed intellect or fully developed emotional states.  Here are some contradictions for you to ponder.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), in 2011 1.4 million ER visits were prescription drug related.  Further, in 2013, there were nearly 2 million Americans, 12 years and older, who either abused or were addicted to prescription opioid painkiller medications.  What is worse, in 2013, 22,767 Americans died of prescription drug overdoses.  It is estimated that 44 people die every day in the US, from prescription drug overdose.  (All of these statistics were noted by the CDC at their website at,

     Yet, it is not prescription opioids that the local and state police and narcotics teams in Michigan are raiding.  It is not the offices of drug manufacturing companies that are raided.  It is not the CEO’s of pharmaceutical companies and hospitals who are losing their homes, property and their children.  It is those of you who choose to ingest marijuana in order to avoid being one of the 44 people who die every day of prescription drug overdose in the US.

     So how do we change this problem?  Well, if you ever had a teenage child, you know exactly what to do.  First, you explain the problem.  Second, you tell the child that you will no longer stand for that kind of behavior.  Third, you set boundaries of acceptable behaviors.  Lastly, you must be consistent in handing out the punishment for that type of behavior.

     In the context of government actors, you tell them that the problem is that they are denying you the right to self-determination.  Then you tell them that you demand the freedom to determine your own life, and will accept nothing less.  Set the boundaries by stating that any legislation that restricts your right to self-determination will not be accepted.  Then hand out the punishment; start voting for people who express the willingness to fight for freedom, and not to give you something that is taken from others.  And if you do not hear politicians expressing their desire to fight for your freedom, then run for office by promising, and then following through with fighting for freedom, everyone’s freedom.

     This is the only way to handle teenagers.  It is the only way to bring our state and our country out of the anxiety filled teen years and into freedom.

     Hey, that’s my 2 cents.  Take it or leave it.  But by all means, till next month, keep rolling on.

Disclaimer:  This is an informational article only.  It is not to provide individual legal advice.  If you need legal services, feel free to contact me, or any attorney of your choosing.

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