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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

GROW TIP: The "Sea of Green" Technique - by Ben Horner

     The Scrog or “Sea of Green” technique is one of the most productive tools for growing cannabis. Using this method, the plant requires no training by means of bamboo stakes, but rather uses a net-like screen called a trellis to shape a canopy of flowering points. This will increase the amount of top buds (also known as kolas). Although the shape can change, the principles stay the same. Several methods have been adopted to produce excellent results for different growing areas.

The Vertical Scrog
 This method uses the surrounding structures and walls to create a vertical sea of green. This can maximize yield from small grow rooms, such as closets and crawl spaces. By running a trellis over a surface, that entire surface can become a sea of green. Using this method, the entire light can surrounded by one plant or only a few. Remember to plan carefully because disassembling a setup like this in mid-cycle can be a real nightmare.

The Horizontal Scrog
     This is the most common sea of green method. Depending on your growing space, plants are topped with a stretched trellis before flowering. As the plant grows, the branches are pulled back down below the screen to branch the plant out, rather than let the branches grow tall. This creates many kolas, or top buds, at multiple points on the plant. One problem with using a trellis with multiple plants is moving or adjusting the plants as they become more intertwined with the trellis. For that reason, many growers only have one or two plants per trellis so they can be moved easily.


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