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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 2016 V.G.I.P. Update - by Ben Horner

     As the New Year comes upon us, we must contemplate how best to move forward with cannabis law reform in Michigan. Many activists around the state have worked hard to legalize cannabis for adult use. MI Legalize and MCC have passed their initial window of 180 days to collect signatures and have come up short. A new petition has come out that may be the solution, and the Vote Green Initiative Project (VGIP) has decided to get involved.

     MI Legalize insists that it still has a chance, but most experts agree that unless there was a significant influx of money the chances of savaging the MI Legalize campaign is almost an impossible feat. Some die-hard volunteers are still working. Regardless, sometimes working on multiple fronts is a good thing. It seems that both petition groups will be in support of each other’s efforts in a real positive way. If we all work together we can end the war on cannabis consumers. No more worrying about being a cannabis user.

     On December 29th, Abrogate Prohibition Michigan’s petition for a constitutional amendment was approved by the Board of Canvassers. The constitutional amendment will remove all illegality from cannabis in all forms, so that the plant would be treated like any other produce. Everyone in Michigan can grow, transport, sell, manufacture and consume all forms of cannabis.

     Tim Locke, is the petition creator and director of Abrogate Michigan. He posted this after receiving the good news:

     “Hello to all the new and old group members. Thank you for joining us and being a part of Michigan and National history. It is the down-to-earth Michiganders like all of you, that will set the template for the rest of the country to follow; just as our grandparents and great grandparents did in 1933 and the alcohol prohibition issue, but with the lessons learned from their experience.

     We will set in the Constitution of Michigan, a piece of law that will not allow the government to prohibit cannabis use by anyone in the state at any level. They’ll of course have their regulatory authority over the commercial, industrial, and retail marketplaces, and of course they’ll be on the farmers a bit too, but they will not be able to make any regulations that would diminish use. Only open the market and allow for the numerous cannabis-based products to be developed and move into the retail marketplace, where they will get their state sales tax of 6% on all non food, non medicinal, non tax-exempt product sales, including the 6% sales tax ONLY on recreational sales, as we have abrogated all penalties, fines and excise taxation abilities, removing governments ability to punish you for your cannabis plant use.

     This would leave the cannabis plant, like the tomato plant, or any other plant/herb you would grow in your garden, or in your research crops for new products as is done with soybeans, etc.

     The time to end cannabis and hemp prohibition is here. 
Are you ready to help? 
Join us at and get involved by volunteering to help capture signatures, donate to help fund the campaign and all that comes with it, help find and announce events in your area for petitioners to be aware of. You can help setup and run a fund raiser, help spread the word by word of mouth advertising, or even submit letters to the editors and local papers urging them to cover Abrogate Prohibition Michigan and bring an end to the insanity that is cannabis/hemp prohibition in Michigan. 
We hope to see you on the MichICAN forum, and on the campaign trails soon.”

- Timothy Locke

Abrogate Prohibition Michigan
Ballot Question Committee

Included in every January MMM Report Magazine is a copy of the petition to end the prohibition of cannabis in Michigan once and for all. We need to get these petitions signed by 12 registered voters and mailed back in the return envelope.

We will continue distributing these petitions every month and collecting signatures until we have it all done. If everyone just does one sheet per month we can make history. No one goes to jail for weed or hemp ever again, and Bill Schuette loses.
Current campaigns include Gaylord, Cadillac, Detroit and the rest of Michigan. Help us free the weed and change our state in a good way for the win.


  1. Remember Michigan... If you let someone else get 'that' for you, then they have it and you don't! So Get Yours Today.
    Abrogate Prohibition Michigan 2016 Because Michigan Love Creates Michigan Compassion.

    Join us at - Michigan Independent Cannabis Activist Network.
    Volunteer, Donate, and Sign the on the Petition Campaign Kick-Off in Lansing, or one of the many to be announced petition locations throughout the state on Wednesday, January 13th, 2016.

    It is time we as Individual Residents of Michigan consolidate on the issue of the prohibition of the Cannabis Plant, and let us ALL make history together by returning to sanity to Michigan's Broken Government, Freedom and Economic Prosperity to the People 1st, and then the businesses, and lastly the government. As it was always supposed to be, but has not been in far too long.
    79 years of the prohibition,of the cannabis plant has set loose a Cancer upon the nation, the State, and We the People, while we just went past 78 Billion in Debt as a State, up 4 Billion Dollars in around 6 months.

    This has gone beyond just getting your. We need to secure the viability of the State or our Own Children and Great Grandchildren will be as bad off as our ancestors were when they fled the Oppressive Tyranny of King George.

    As a parting thought...
    There is no 'New World' in which to flee too this time!

    Timothy Locke - Founder of Abrogate Prohibition Michigan

    We can take yet more insensible baby steps, thereby leaving this heavier burden upon the back of our children, which will be worse than it was when it was put upon ours just a mere 40 yr ago.

    Or, we can do what the impenitent government appears to be sorely inadequate, or incapable of doing, Solve this issue now so our children are not left, yet again, holding the 'bag'.

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