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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

11th MMM Conference: Thanks to All Who Attended! - by Ben Horner

     The Orbit Room of Grand Rapids was packed for the 11th MMM Conference and caregivers cup. Master of ceremonies, “Captain” Kirk Reid, welcomed the attendees and was first to teach on the stage. Completely captivated, Kirk Reid educated a standing room only cooking class to start the day off. John Ujlaky II from Horizon Hydro taught a brilliant class on Organic Growing verses Hydroponics which attracted both advanced and novice growers.

     As the classes went on people kept pouring in throughout the afternoon. As the first night came to a close the Caregiver Cup contestants began showing up for the exclusive VIP party where vendors and participants gathered at a top secret location, There a smorgasbord of contestant entrees were sampled. Copious amounts of cannabis in all forms was consumed.

     Sunday morning was rough, but we all managed to return to the Orbit Room. After the business seminar which taught cannabis entrepreneurs about how to get involved in the merging medical marijuana industry, ther was a legal panel with legendary attorney Ter Beek who singlehandedly sued the City of Wyoming for violation of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. 

      The festivities ended with the award ceremonies. Winners in all categories received a trophy and a hand blown glass piece with the event lazed-engraved in a transparent bead. Act Labs supplied the potency testing and the MMM Report staff and friends supplied the judges score for taste, aroma, and appearance.

     Kirk Ried took first in the edible category for his sugar-free Cola Hashers. The flavor had a diet Coke taste and packaging was spot on for active THC and CBD.

     Dave Laclair’s durban poison was the first place saliva winner and tested at 33.76%. This flower was frosty and had a sweet peppery finish.

     Leaf Doctor won first in the indica category with his famous G-Cut, which tested at 30.6%. The OG Kush aroma and taste is almost as pretty as the frosty nugs.

     David Evans took first for his hybrid, the Blue Gun. Testing at 29.96% this strain tasted of blueberry and black licorice, large stickyicky buds.

     Best Concentrate was a collaborations of Zombie Labs and Leaf Doctor. The shatter was made from an all-nug G-Cut run and was the kushiest shatter ever made. Dank As F*ck!   

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