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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The 45th Annual Hash Bash - by Adam Brook

     So you should be reading this at the 45 Annual Ann Arbor HASH BASH....if not you missed a good time.......

     As I write this HASH BASH is 5 days away. I have a surprise guest who I will be announcing this afternoon... I think him being at HASH BASH shows how mainstream marijuana has become....Yes I now expect the elected folks to show up (they are looking for votes and contributions), I expect the who's who of “the movement” (most of them have their own agendas, which is why they are there, and that's what the event is about), I expect my dear friend John Sinclair....  but purely for personal reasons as I was the one who invited him in 2001. 

     He was not a part of an event that was related to him and that shocked me.... I have even gotten to the point where I expect the sun to come out at HIGH noon on HASH BASH day.... what I never expected is all the drama and silliness I have seen in the last few years. The reason I liked HASH BASH so much is it brought everyone together for one thing, to get high and say FUCK YOU to the MAN....... OK maybe that's two things.....

     I am very impressed with the App that has been created for HASH BASH. If you don't already have it, go to your app store and type in HASH BASH (how cool is that).... it will be live for 6 months following HASH BASH.....I would suggest this....EVERYONE download it. Let's help them get their numbers up.

     Please, if you haven't signed the two ballot initiatives, MiLEGALIZE or ABROGATE, do so. They both deserve your signatures.

     I have to say that it saddens me that this industry, which is in its infancy here in Michigan, can't get behind making better laws in the state....Yes, I know some have, but they are a small minority. I would think there would be one huge WEED UNION. Where everyone wanted to join because there was something for everyone.... Yes I know we won't all agree with each other, that's OK... but don't we ALL want this to move forward? OK I get it, it’s about the money..... I bet you all will make a lot more after working together ... Since the laws are GOING to change shouldn't we write the new ones? I never understood how we allow a bunch of people who won't admit to any pot use to tell us ANYTHING!

     I have been the HOST of DETROIT DAB WARZ competition at The OMS Dab House for bit now. I have learned a ton about Dabs..... Working with PSI Labs has taught me a ton. I love the SNOPES aspect to Dabs.....I must hear the bad info 5 to 1 over the good.... Now some of this is squares who will comment that dabs are dangerous because I “could blow up my house doing them” which I ask, do you even know what you just said? Can you explain it ? The hysteria is funny to me..... then there's the organic anti-solvent crew who aren’t against using them, as they know they can safely be purged out, but because they are solvents and not natural.... But they eat processed food......  ANYWAY my point is you should keep reading and learning as much as you can not only to educate yourself but make sure others are not being mis-educated..... Remember REEFER MADNESS was mis-education that worked.....

     There was no winner to the trivia question last month......I will not reveal the answer yet. Instead it will be a bonus question in the future.... cause it's a killer question and they are damn hard to come up with.....

     So I decided to skip the trivia this month...Instead I'll make you an awesome deal.....Pay the postage and I'll send a HASH BASH shirt ($20 value) to the first 10 people who text FREE HB SHIRT to 313-999-0329....

Still rock'n PERISCOPE.... It's a free app...Get it and follow

ADAM L BROOK.... You won't be disappointed.....

Questions, Comments or Complaints hit me up............

Adam L. Brook

Periscope:Adam L Brook


FB: adamlbrook

Twitter: @mrhashbash

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