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Monday, March 7, 2016

Lawless Law Enforcement - by Daniel L. Price

     Dateline, March, 2016.  Is the lawlessness of government actors becoming so clear, that even their most loyal lap dogs must see that their own freedom and lives are also at stake.  A revealing expose on the Michigan State Police Crime Lab (“MSP Lab”), is now well known in Michigan.  Last November revealed that the MSP Lab has been ordered by prosecuting attorneys connected with Michigan’s Attorney General’s office through the Prosecuting Attorney’s Association of Michigan (“PAAM”), to indicate that marijuana extracted from a plant is synthetic marijuana, when in fact the scientists know it is not synthetic.

     So why does this matter?  Well, it can make a marijuana patient who is arrested and has marijuana in his blood a felon, because possession of synthetic marijuana is a felony in Michigan.  Yes, that’s right, the prosecutors are apparently conspiring with the MSP Lab to ‘create criminals’.  This has prompted several Michigan attorneys to request an investigation by the National Institute of Justice, Office of Investigative & Forensic Sciences. The interesting thing about this whole mess is that even if the MSP Lab and the Attorney General’s office corrects the wrongdoing outlined above.  It still will not make much of a difference.  I say this because the vials which the blood is placed in when sent to the MSP Lab are not even sealed.  That’s right, I’ll say it again.  The vials are not even sealed! 
I defended a case last year where a MSP Lab witness stated that there is no seal of any kind on the vials once they are taken out of the sealed box by police officers or medical personnel for taking a blood sample.  This means that there is no seal on those vials after the blood is placed in them.  Moreover, the witness confirmed my suspicions that a person could take the rubber stopper off the vial and put anything in the vial at any time after the blood is placed in the vial.  The witness further confirmed that it’s possible that no one would know the sample had been tampered with, so long as the person wiped off the stopper and the top of the vial before they put the stopper back on.  Yet, over my objection, the results of the testing of the compromised blood was allowed in as evidence in the case.

     So why does this matter?  As I have always stated, government actors work to deny you your freedoms.  This is yet another example of how here in Michigan, government actors are conspiring to take your freedoms and make you a criminal, even when the evidence goes against scientific proof, or when the evidence can easily be tampered with by government actors.

     Now, imagine you are a law abiding medical marijuana patient and you are arrested for felony possession of synthetic marijuana.  Do you think you have a chance at successfully defending the charges, when the government actors are in charge of their own labs and this kind of lawlessness occurs?
     So tell me, why is the MSP Lab not an independent, private lab, totally unconnected with the State Police or Attorney General’s office?  And why is it that the vials of blood are not sealed with a simple plastic wrap like Tylenol bottles?  Why can’t the scientists who test the blood simply write their name, the date and time they unseal the vial, and their name, the time and date when they reseal it after testing?  Wouldn’t these simple, inexpensive things possibly save thousands of people from a criminal conviction?  I know these “scientists” are intelligent enough to write their name, the date and time on a log sheet.  Also, history shows us that the costs of an independent “private lab” would be far less than a government run lab. 

    Well, if the goal is for government actors to protect our freedom, then these things would have already taken place.  However, the evidence clearly shows that the protection of freedom is not the goal in the case of the MSP Lab and government actors throughout the State of Michigan.  So what can you do?  Well, you can roll over, play dead, and watch as your freedoms are violated and you are made a criminal.  Or, you can start doing something to take back your freedom.  You can write your state representatives and the governor’s office.  You can VOTE!  The prosecuting attorney and judges in each county, the Michigan Supreme Court Justices, the Governor, and the state Attorney General must all be voted into office in Michigan.  Pay attention to these offices and vote to keep them in, or boot them out according to their statements, and their record, of denying, or defending freedom.  That is what you can do.

     Freedom is not free.  But the denial of your freedoms takes no action on your part, you need only keep silent and do nothing.
     Whatever your choice, till next month, as always, keep rolling on.

Disclaimer:  This is an informational article only.  It is not to provide individual legal advice.  If you need legal services, feel free to contact me, or any attorney of your choosing.

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