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Monday, March 7, 2016

Strength in Numbers - by Adam L. Brook

     So here we are, about to celebrate the annual right of passage called THE ANN ARBOR HASH BASH April 2nd at HIGH Noon.....This will be the 45th.

     How we got to this point? I have that answer. WHY we are still protesting the insane marijuana law with a smoke in? Depends on who you ask. I never saw an end to HASH BASH while I spent 20+ years organizing the event. I figured once the law changed, we would have a yearly celebration. I never thought it would get as commercial as it had (I don’t consider guys hawking t-shirts on every corner commercial), let alone corporate where the speakers list reflects ONE group and not ALL groups....

     Now, How did we get to this point? Well there is strength in numbers. There were years where a handful of folks stood on the Diag and there were zero arrests.....then there was 12k people one year with 198 arrests. Then there were years like last year where copious amounts of weed was smoked and 3 people were arrested.

     Looks like we may have finally convinced the University that we are not worth arresting....we keep coming and in larger numbers...Plus we like to say FUCK YOU to THE MAN!

     I encourage you all to do two things....bring a few pre-rolls and share with those around you. It’s a smoke-in, so come smoke Saturday April 2nd at HIGH noon at the 45th Annual Ann Arbor Hash Bash on the DIAG of the University of Michigan....I’m holding the ALB Invitational at Hash Bash this year. YOU all are invited to drop me a sample of your best....a prize to the best....I shouldn’t be hard to find....ask around....

    By time you read this there will be shops in Detroit who have closed in fear of the city’s new CAREGIVER CENTER ordinance. That’s sad. Medical Marijuana has been the best blight program Detroit has ever had....Over 200 formally vacant storefronts opened up and now, unless they get a variance MANY will HAVE to close. Me personally, if I was in the game, I would wait until I was shut down!

     But I understand....80 shops applied for a license on March 1st.....many more to come I hope.....

     Because I am later than late getting this in, you, my readers will benefit once again. It looks like as of this morning the Detroit City Clerk accepted two sets of petitions designed to revoke Detroit’s new medical marijuana dispensary licensing and zoning programs.

     Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform (CSCR) said the Clerk stamped and counted both sets of petitions determining that each separate set contains more than the 4,055 signatures as required by referendum law..... This was a great relief.

     However short lived.....By 11:30 The Detroit News said “The clerk said that her office received the petitions, which did meet the approximately 4,000 signatures required. They were then forwarded to the Law Department for review..

     But Detroit’s Corporation Counsel Melvin Butch Hollowell (google him, good reading) said the efforts challenging the zoning and licensing laws were done improperly under state law and City Charter and were invalid.

     On the zoning rules, the group would have had to file its challenge within seven days of publication of the ordinance, which was in January. For licensing, the group would have had to turn in its petition to the city clerk’s office before the day that the ordinance took effect, he said.

     Not sure what else to say other than EPIC FAIL. I hope I have to eat those words in next months column. The winner of last months contest was Aron K. He will receive a prize pack of a hoodie and stickers...

     This month TRIVIA question: Who was called The Jesus Christ of Marijuana, and a BONUS: Who penned that moniker? Text your answer to 313-999-0329.Questions, Comments or Complaints hit me up............

     Don’t forget to follow me on PERISCOPE....I do live broadcasts from The OMS Dab House, home of DETROIT DAB WARZ on Monday’s and Thursday’s plus I will PERISCOPE at HASH BASH
from the DIAG at HIGH NOON on Sat April 2nd....

Adam L. Brook
Periscope:Adam L Brook
FB: adamlbrook
Twitter: @mrhashbash


  1. Corporate marijuana is running the show and the movement, Their philosophy is forget the sacrifices of the past and focus on cash flow. That is why the Abrogate Bus can't afford cooking gas or a brake job. Theirs no money in it for these corporate shills in a free and open market environment or so they believe. As far as only one viewpoint, the speakers list is drawn up by greedy insecure boys and girls who only represent special interest and their own interest. Control of the event should be returned to you or some other neutral party. The MACC/MINorml is incapable of being fair. We would have won long ago if the fight had of been waged based on individual rights as opposed to tax and regulate. Jesus, the government can't even regulate water and these fools want them to regulate our ranks. Which I might say has been decimated by raids, mainly because there is no consequence for the government. Adam when you ran the show, it was indeed, "Fuck The Man". It is now, feed enough of the people to the man and he might allow us to stay in business. You can't just keep feeding off the herd. You also have to protect them. Before you free the weed, you must free the people from oppression and injustice.

  2. For the record, and as a board member of Michigan NORML, I can say unequivocally that MINORML does NOT set the speakers list for Hash Bash, SSDP people do that.

    1. Brad, you are wrong. SSDP is the permit holder....the list is created by a different cabal...

    2. But not Michigan NORML. Is that correct?

    3. Nobody asked me for any input on the speakers list. Did you speak with that cabal, Adam?

    4. Speaking to the Corporate takeover . .

      Why Bruce Cain is not being allowed to speak at 2012 Hash Bash

  3. The fight has never just about the plant. It is about the rights of a free people to decide for themselves. Our future should not be controlled by merchants or the government. The speakers list should be representive of a varied perspective. Not let's have really big stores and grows and make a lot of money. Mr. Sinclair, Adam, Me and so many others have been brutalized by this system. I have had had friends die in this fight and many others have gone to prison. Many have lost their jobs and everything they own. Hash Bash Celebrates the sacrifices, and invites old and new to enter the fight, and express dissent through an act of civil disobedience. Those acts of civil disobedience should not be dishonored by misusing them to form some sort of commercial cartel. We have people living on a bus, gathering signatures. They are freezing at night and have no fuel to cook their meals. Their broken down old bus is in ill repair. Quit drawing lines in the sand around freedom fighters and start embracing, providing for and protecting them. I promise if I hear them begging for provisions again I will take off the gloves. :) Thanks Joe Cain