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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Darren McCarty Joins the Movement in Gaylord

Gaylord:  Medical Marijuana centers Cloud 45 and D&L re-opened their doors in Gaylord, Michigan. Disputes regarding the legality of medical marijuana dispensaries came after raids citing violations of case law established in People versus McQueen, Hartwick and Tuttle. 

     In March, the City of Gaylord amended its ordinances to allow for Medical Marijuana Provisioning Centers, Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facilities, and Medical Marijuana Extraction Facilities in commercial and industrial districts.  Dispensaries and grow facilities encouraged by the legitimization by local authorities adjusted their business models to comply with changes in the Medical Marijuana Act in the fashion of dispensaries in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Detroit, Lansing, Flint and several others.

     Ben Horner, from the Cannabis Stakeholders Group, helped the dispensaries induce the Medical Marijuana Ordinance. According to Horner, ”We believe that the dispensaries were in compliance with the Medical Marijuana Act, and that as the question of case law is reviewed dispensaries have found the way to stay in compliance with what the Otsego County Prosecutor and SANE Officers mistakenly interpreted as a violation.  That is why there are over 300 dispensaries across the state with various business models, which include farmers markets, therapy groups, collectives, and non-profits. Statistics have proven that in communities that have dispensaries, crime, drug overdoses, teen use and suicides go down and local economies improve.”

     Four-time Stanley Cup winner, Darren McCarty has recently came out in the media praising a recovery in a large part to Medical Marijuana. McCarty told the Detroit Free Press, “It saved my life.”

     Darren was recently featured on the Complex original series Motor City High, documenting this struggle to find the perfect strain through the eyes of Damien DiStefano, the owner of Detroit’s Over the Moon Clothing. Damien’s clothing line features a marijuana infused red wings logo, which is a favorite by many at trade shows around the state.

     A press Conference from the Cannabis Stakeholders Group with Darren McCarty and the Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers was held in Gaylord in April at Cloud 45, to address the need for medical marijuana facilities and the strides that have been made to come into compliance.  Channel 9 & 10 showed up to cover the event for the local news and several articles in local papers reported the event. So far no further raids have been carried out.

     Raid victims are trying to raise the thousands of dollars needed to mount an adequate legal defense. Chad Marrow has been specifically targeted for his activism during the Al Witt trial and has been speaking with several defense attorneys to determine how to proceed.


Motor City High:
The Complex original series Motor City High documents this struggle to find the perfect strain through the eyes of Damien DiStefano, the owner of Detroit’s Over the Moon Clothing. After growers bring a sample of possible future favorites to Damien for initial evaluation, Motor City’s leading weed connoisseur takes the product to the enviably mustachioed Joe for a proper THC testing. Brent, Damien’s resident expert, then tests the strain for various impurities before revealing the results of these tests to their respective growers.

Over The Moon Clothing:
Over The Moon Clothing is a clothing store located in Walled Lake, MI specializing in medical marijuana and limited edition clothing, hats, and accessories. Offering companies such as Grassroots California, Sin City Style, and Tree Shurts along with handfuls of their own signature designs, Over The Moon Clothing is sure to satisfy the needs of all smokers.


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