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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Rantings of a Rebel Conformist - by Adam L. Brook

Post HASH BASH review.......
WOW! Great turn out.....Weather Sucked.....and D’ Mac killed it!
S/O to It’s Ya Boy Jeff and my PERISCOPE fam. Also a shout out to the folks who got their free 45th Anniversary HASH BASH shirt....thanks for reading this....Never know what you may be offered......Like if you are one of the first 5 people to text the words LEGALIZE TODAY GET HIGH TONIGHT to 313-999-0329 for a slap pack...

Several high end steak restaurants in the City of Troy feel the need to institute a “you stink like weed, we’ll have to ask you to leave” policy..... WHY? It appears that these high dollars restaurants have caved in to the complaints of other customers, which I find odd.... now if you are reeking of weed when you come in you will be refused service.....understand I’m all for refusing service to people who you don’t care for......however some baller who blew a bone in the car before dinner, why would you refuse him a meal....he will probably spend more on his meal than a party of two..... he certainly won’t be a problem like the guy ordering drinks from the bar...... So why would a restaurant consider the odor of weed offensive? Because they can..... You can walk into these places stinking like a bottle of cologne or worse some old hag......their perfume is the worst....won’t be refused for that stench...... Personally I would love to call for a big protest/eat in....where we all puff hard before going inside for dinner.. but they would only take our money and I was thinking that people standing outside these places with signs that say POTHEADS NOT WELCOME, might be in order......but as I wrote this it dawned on me that the best thing we could do is stop spending our money at these places......So I would ask two things.....if asked to leave because of a weed order TEXT me at 313-999-0329, I want to hear your story,. The second thing is PUFF TUFF before spending $40+ on a steak......oh yeah, INVITE me to dinner with you, I always have the herbfume going.......

The OMS Dab House will reopen on May 9th... after a short break for some remodeling.. Detroit Dab Warz, the monthly competition will start up on May 16th. I am honored to host DDW and we are looking for the best Michigan has to offer....I hear there are a bunch of lady extraction artists who are coming for the championship belt.....Bring it ladies...... Shout out to Coco Extracts the currant belt holder..... also stay tuned for our CHAMPION INVITENTIONAL this summer....... check us out on Instagram @omsdabhouse & @detroitdabwarz for details.

So I’m thinking about finding a caregiver, for myself.... I can’t physically grow my own due to my inability to lift anything, so I thought a caregiver might be the way to go....The problem is the deal.....I can’t see you growing what, 12-18 lbs, in my name and you want to give me a free oz per month? WTF? How about you give me 3lbs and keep the rest? I know people who get 12 free ozs a year while the grower has 50lbs.....oh and the grower will sell his patients more, but at $200-250 per oz..... maybe I don’t understand NEW MATH, but I had a grow store at one point and I think I understand how to grow monsters indoors here in Michigan...... So if you are looking for a new patient and understand how my brain works feel free to hit me up....

Any DRAMA or GOSSIP you want me to expose, feel free to hit me up and I’ll be happy to talk about it....

I’m getting ready to attend CANNAQUEST next weekend. This should be cool...The TUNA will be there along with a hero of mine Jeff Mizanskey. This cat had served 20 years of a LIFE bit before being released...If you don’t know who he is and have read this far....GOOGLE THAT SHIT!

Questions, Comments or Complaints hit me up............


Adam L. Brook
Periscope:Adam L Brook
FB: adamlbrook
Twitter: @mrhashbash

FACEBOOK post of the month:
“I’ve killed more people than cannabis...”
-Dakota Serna (a true American hero....)

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