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Monday, August 1, 2016

Cannibals of Freedom: The Making of Political Prisoners - by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

     A concerted effort has long been underway to undermine the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (“MMMA”).  Prosecutors routinely charge medical marijuana users with anything from possession, use, and illegally transporting medical marijuana.  And, we should never forget that it came to light last year that the Michigan State Police (“MSP”) Crime Labs are being ordered to falsify drug test results and claim that synthetic marijuana is present in blood, when in fact it is not.  The purpose of this was to make medical marijuana users guilty of felonies.  Worse, most often this is only done solely as a result of a patient showing their card to law enforcement, in compliance with the MMMA.   

     Well, its official, now Michigan has made yet another move reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s crackdown on Jews, Gays, Gypsies, and anyone else who did not look or act like government actors wanted.  The Michigan legislature, with the encouragement and blessings of the MSP and our illustrious governor (who apparently has no problem turning a blind eye to poisoning entire cities through the water supply), made a new law that will allow law enforcement to force you to take a saliva drug test simply because you are a medical marijuana patient.  And of course, like in Nazi Germany, it is allegedly in the name of the undefinable terms of public safety, public health, and public good.  

     Effective September 22, 2016, Michigan’s laws against medical marijuana users will now include a law that allows law enforcement to demand a swab test of anyone they have “…reasonable cause to believe that a person had in his or her body any amount of a controlled substance listed in schedule 1” of the public health code.  (MCLA §257.625r).  The result of this statute will be that if you comply with the MMMA and show your card to law enforcement when you are pulled over, you will be required to give a saliva (“DNA”?), sample or face a civil infraction.  If you do not do so, you may be fined, and your right to drive a vehicle stripped from you, as the new law states you are subject to breath tests and the refusal to take a breath test is still punished.  As a result, you could be punished twice for your refusals.

     But wait, so what level of marijuana in your body is enough to make you impaired to drive a motor vehicle?  That’s the worst part about it, the legislature, MSP and governor have absolutely no idea.  Actually, it is my understanding that there is no set level of marijuana in your blood that will cause you to drive impaired.  What is known is that if you ingest your medicine every day, it is guaranteed that you will have some level of marijuana in your body.  And if you show your card to law enforcement, they can on that basis alone demand that you take the swab test.

     As always, the basis of the justification for the law is public safety, public good, public welfare.  And, these terms cannot be defined objectively.  You can be sure that any law justified by terms that cannot be defined is solely designed to rob you of your dignity, your liberty, your right to think, act and look different than others.  Also, they are designed to generate money for government actors.   

     This new law is yet another example of government actors who suffer from PASY (Parasitic Anthropophagy Syndrome), and who make laws based upon the undefinable.  Indeed, government actors represent themselves as your servants.  Yet, it is they who expect that you will serve them by thinking, acting and looking like they do.  And if you do not, like in the case of the use of medical marijuana, they make you their political prisoner.

     A vote for those afflicted with PASY, is a vote for continuing the feasting on the flesh of our freedom.  Freedom is not free.  One must think, speak, and act to defend one’s freedom.  Remember, the denial of your freedom takes no action, you need only keep silent and walk in line to wherever cage they tell you to go in to.  

Till next month, keep rolling on.

Disclaimer:  This is an informational article only.  It is not to provide individual legal advice.  If you need legal services, feel free to contact me, or any attorney of your choosing.

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  1. What to do when your college scholarships have been stolen from you and you have been labeled by Doctors as something you are not? I know that many have been victimized in this same way. It needs to stop as I will see to it that these hidden agendas are publicized and made to be public knowledge. In my experiences, it has been cops, pychologists and psychiatrists, and medical Doctors that have been pushing their 'values' by forcing their agendas on me. It is sad when people abuse postions to condition their victims. They intentionally misinterpret you and, bam, just like that you go from calculus in college on target for a good job and life to labeled 'crazy' by pigs with agendas. They have no reason! I demand justice! All over your views on life saving drugs...