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Monday, August 1, 2016

Grow Tip: Organic Preventative Maintenance - by Ben Horner

Organic Preventative Maintenance


     Finally an organic solution is available that tackles two of the biggest nightmares for growers in Michigan, powdery mildew and mites. Micro sniper is 100% organic and made in Michigan. We recently field-tested the Micro Sniper on some plants that had some powdery mildew, which is extremely common in Michigan. The results were amazing. Never have we seen powdery mildew eliminated with an organic product. It compares to products like Eagle 20 and Azamax which, unlike Micro Sniper, are unsafe for patients and made from synthetic ingredients.

     This product was designed by top-level biochemists and is just hitting the market. Having an all-in-one product to handle mites and powdery mildew is the perfect preventative maintenance (PM), and unlike PM Wash, Mighty Wash and many others, this shit actually works. Although Micro Sniper is one of the few products that are safe to use on plants that are late in flower, it’s always better to stop problems using PM before they start. Results are clearly visible using the Dino scope magnifier.  Within minutes of the application, the white spots of powdery mildew begin to die and dissipate. All that remains is a lite shadow of the mildew stain and no further mildew spots form in the following week. 

     One drawback about Micro Sniper is that it does not come in a ready–to-use (RTU) spray bottle. The producer promises to have more sizes and RTU.  We will be field testing the Micro Sniper on mites  for next month’s issue as well as running lab tests for residual pesticides.  


• We recommend using a spray bottle with a rotating angular nozzle for getting to the underside of the plant.  

• Don’t apply Micro Sniper in direct light sunlight or under hot grow lights. The light could burn the leaves.

• Maintain a consistent PM schedule and spray your girls down when they are young and reapply before flowering to prevent any problems before they start.

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