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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cannibals of Freedom: Giving Thanks - by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

    It’s November already!  Hey, that reminds me, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I really like the feasting and football on Thanksgiving Day.  Typically, most people celebrate this day as one of giving thanks for what they have, and for those who they share affection.  I will make a different celebration this year.  I am going to celebrate all of the freedoms we have here in Michigan, and across our great country.

     I sat down to list these freedoms so I could remember to give thanks for them, rather than my usual thanks for my health, my sons, and the work I’ve performed throughout the year.  So here is the list.  I have the freedom to: Make you a criminal if you don’t voluntarily (?! What ?!), let me take your property if someone else pays me, and wines and dines me enough.
     (Eminent domain is the magical phrase. Did you know this originated by the King’s ownership of all property in the kingdom, and it is the justification for its use here in America? So that means you do not “own” your property, I do!);

     Make you a criminal if I do not like what you do with your body, i.e., use marijuana – save yourself or your child from a life of pain – voluntarily sell your body for sex, - gamble – drink alcohol – eat too much (this is coming soon thanks to my successful takeover of your healthcare system), and much more;

     Make you a criminal for using your mind to generate income without me getting some of it, i.e., force you to ask permission, and pay me a fee to, – sell lemonade – open a business – keep your income and property, (subject to my superior claim of ownership of course) – use your home for a business – cut hair – sell a home – drive your vehicle – ferry people across the lake – sell hot dogs on a street corner – sell cookies and cupcakes over the internet – work for someone else – and much more;

     Make you a criminal if you don’t pay for – my kid’s schooling – my car – my food – my house – my alcohol – my boat – my farm – my trip to Vegas – my wedding – my parties – my desire to force servitude upon other peoples from other countries – my medical care – my airfare to Washington
D.C. – my desire to redecorate my office – my kid’s braces – my vacation to the Bahamas – my re-election campaign – and much, much more;

     Make you a criminal if you are not willing to kill others, or die or be maimed yourself so I can – get back at a world leader because he threatened my dad – prevent a world leader from switching his country’s money back to a gold standard, because that will cause me to no longer be able to hide the real theft I perform on you – enrich my friends and political campaign donors at certain corporations – make a name for myself as president as being tough – exercise racial bias against those from other countries – enrich my friends and campaign donors at certain banks – so that me and my friends can make millions cheating other countries out of their treasures like we do to you – and much, much more;

     Make you a criminal if you don’t pay me to – use roads – stay in a hotel – purchase food – purchase gas – buy a home or a car – buy a toy for your kid – clothe yourself and your family – get that computer and printer so you can have fun making silly pictures of your family – purchase that book for your kids so they can learn how to read – purchase toilet paper – drill a well so you can have water at your home – breath the air – go to the bathroom – have safe sex using a condom – go to see the Pistons, Lions, Tigers, or Red Wings play – eat a nice meal with your wife or your date – enjoy your life in any way – and much, much more.

     [Shakes his head out of the day dream.]  Oh shoot!  That’s right, I am not an elected official in our country.  I am just a guy.  Come to think of it, I guess I do not have much freedom for which to give thanks.  I guess this year I’ll just celebrate by giving thanks for my sons and the knowledge that they were taught all of the above.  You can bet I’ll be eating way too much, having a couple cocktails, and watching all of the football games though.
     If we as a people ever get tired of being forced to pay for parasites, perhaps it will end.  But, one thing is for sure, the above denial of your freedoms takes no action on your part.  You need only keep silent and do nothing while you are made a criminal, and keep voting for those who promise to give you some of the left over crumbs from the food and drink they stole from you in the first place.

As always, till next month, keep rolling on.

Disclaimer:  This is an informational article only. It is not to provide individual legal advice. If you need legal services, feel free to contact me, or any attorney of your choosing.


  1. Yes. And what you have here only scratches the surface. The rabbit hole runs deep.