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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hydro Depot Dominates Detroit as the Premier Indoor Gardening Store - by Ben Horner

   Like a boss, Hydro Depot dominates Detroit as the premier indoor gardening store. Located on Detroit’s infamous 8 mile Road, Hydro Depot made a roar on the strip with their inflatable King Kong, fitting for a store that is so huge, it has almost everything.

   Like a breath of fresh air in the rust belt Motor City, Medical marijuana has revived so much of the empty store fronts throughout the city. Hydro Depot sells the cultivation supply. Growers buy and sell there wears, contributing to the local economy.

     Dispensaries pay the producers, provide more jobs, take up more commercial vacancies and all be soon contributing significant state taxes. What a blessing these guys are doing.

There are many grow stores but few can fully supply both the small grower as well as full sized commercial outfits. No matter what your scale is, these guys have what you need. Everything is inside so you don’t have to worry about frozen soil that takes weeks to thaw.  Hydro Depot staff are all experts and don’t mind spending the time to educate visitors about the latest products and techniques.

     The MMM Report is honored to support stores like Hydro Depot and so should you. So go down to 8 mile, Hydro Depot is only minutes from I-75. Re-up on all your growing needs and spend some of that hard earned money at some of our other favorite dispensaries and strip clubs.


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