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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Grow Tip - Bud Quality - by Kathy Hess


  As the industry continues to change, and the uncertainty of the sustainability of dispensaries within reasonable distance continues to fluctuate, there could be many more patients who will choose to start growing their meds for themselves. Or you could be a seasoned grower who happens to be hitting a wall in getting the improved results you desire; this article is for you.

     Growing your own meds can be satisfying, but there are a number of steps you’ll want to take to ensure that you’re not wasting your time as well as your money.  Being safe, as well as lawful, is important.  Be sure that you have the electrical capacity to add the lighting and fans you will need.  Be sure to use or create a secure place that you will be able to keep under lock and key as the law requires.

     But I know that you’re actually worried about being able to grow the meds that will give you the desired effects and at least enough to cover your personal expenses. So that is what we’re going to cover in this issue, be sure to research the laws and electrical requirements based on your lighting choices so that you are informed as to how you should properly get started.

Start with Top-Shelf Genetics –research the strain you want to grow based on the conditions your planning to treat for.  Most seed/clone suppliers have this information. Try to obtain genetics that have the reviews to get the effects and appearance you want. Your grow skill makes a huge difference, but a plant can't overcome its genes! If you want buds that are potent, dense, sparkly or purple/pink, you need the right genetics.

Give Your Cannabis Lots of Light! - this increases yields, density and potency.  Lighting will be the largest investment you’ll make into your greenhouse.  Whether you choose HSP or LED, it will affect the set up of your whole operation.  But the amount and quality of light you provide to your plants will be in direct correlation to the bud results you get.  Don’t invest in excellent genetics and then stunt your buds by not providing the light they need.

Nutrients & Supplements –Research, research, research.  Understanding the base nutrient requirements is important.  Because everyone’s grow operation is different, and you’ll want to be able to address any issues that arise, recognizing and being able to treat for deficiencies.  However, you’ll want to keep additives to a minimum if possible.  Learn about smell enhancers, bloom boosters and bulk builders, but be careful.  More is not always better.

Manipulate Temperature & Humidity in the flowering stage to increase resin production ("glitter" and stickiness), bring out colors like pink or purple & prevent smells from burning away, provides a better more and dank smell, as well as taste.  But you don’t want your flower room too humid as you increase your chances of mold and bud rot.

Great Air Flow Around Every Cola - you can gain surprising increases in the size and density of your buds by making sure that every cola gets lots of direct light and good air flow from the beginning to the end of the flowering stage. Cannabis is wind-pollinated in the wild and so more energy is put into buds that have been exposed to a breeze from when they first started forming. This will also help prevent against molds and bud rot. Gentle breeze, don’t stress the rest of the plant by too much wind movement.

Master the Basics of Growing - especially harvesting, trimming and drying/curing! Although a lot of growers don't pay as much attention to what happens to plants after harvest as during the grow itself, these 3 post-harvest factors determine almost 50% of your final bud appearance. Properly drying/curing also intensifies smell and increases bud potency!  Look for more info on properly curing your bud in June’s issue of Grow Tip.

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